Posted: May 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

I am sick of the girl being pretty once her glasses come off. I’m sick of the boy suddenly staring at her because she’s taken her hair out of a bun. I’m sick of that dances that she said she didn’t want to attend suddenly being the place where she shows up and learns to live.
I want a movie where she gets kissed because her lab goggles left circles around her eye sockets. Where she doesn’t go to the dance and isn’t ashamed of it. Where she wins the science fair and the way the blue ribbon looks on her makes somebody’s knees weak.
I want a movie where the girl doesn’t get tamed. Where she’s still a badass bitch at the end of it. Where she doesn’t need a man because she has a killer girlfriend who is a cute nerdy radio technician. Where her freckles don’t get concealed on the big night. Where she shows up to prom in a suit and a model on her arm.
I want a movie where the queen bee is also a 4.0 student. Where she wears makeup and styles her hair and gets her work done. Where the pretty girl is also pure of heart, works on the weekends at soup kitchens, shows up with heels on. Where the queen bee lets the new girl have the boy because she doesn’t see the point in trying to compete. Where they end up friends at the end and the boy ends up with nothing.
I want a movie where girls are art without having to be painted over. Where we are beautiful without reason, where we don’t need to prove ourselves as being worth a boy’s affections. I want a movie where we don’t have to be secretly fuckable in order to get a happy ending.

We look good in a red ballgown and also while reading a book and also while burning this whole thing down. // r.i.d (via inkskinned)

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