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I have stretch marks.

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Reblog if you do too. Just to prove that it is more normal than what people actually think.


It’s May and I’m already in Eurovision mood for weeks! Here’s a little guide and best of Eurovision.

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Arm porn, hand porn, AND the tongue. Just stick a fucking fork in me, I’m done.


Since heatwave season seems to be upon us again, this is just a reminder to international Tumblr that most European houses and some public spaces do not have air conditioning and are insulated to trap the heat against our cold winters, meaning that there is nowhere to escape hot weather and  temperatures you may find laughably cool can be lethal over here.

Every year, people die in those 30-40C European heatwaves, and every year, non-Euro Tumblr treats this tragedy like a joke.

Please let’s stop doing that.

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i hate and love this

Listen, I was the UNDEFEATED champion of Mad Math in 1st grade. I would finish those multiplication sheets in like a minute or less

Is Paramount Gearing Up For “Star Trek 4”?

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Hubbles wide view of Mystic Mountain in the infrared