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Nabbed from @brainfuzz because I’m supposed to be doing something a lot more important so naturally it’s procrastination time.

Have fun!

  • What is your name: Kelly
  • A four letter word: Kill
  • A boy’s name: Kelvin 
  • A girl’s name: Katy
  • An occupation: Kitchen Supervisor
  • Something you wear: Kilt 
  • A color: Kelly Green (seriously milking my name here aren’t I?)
  • A food: Kiwi
  • Something you find in the bathroom: Karma bubble bar
  • A place: Kenya
  • A reason for being late: Keys (as in ‘where are my…?’)
  • Something you shout:  KNOBHEAD! (normally while driving)
  • Something you drink: Kahlua
  • A music group/band: Killswitch Engage  
  • An animal: Koala
  • A type of car: Knackered old banger (or a Kia I guess)
  • Title of a song: Kill Your Idols – Static X

In conclusion ‘K’ is a bitch of a letter – I resorted to google for a couple 😦 

I tag you, yep you right there, you who hasn’t done this yet but want’s a go 😛

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