Cricket developing the terrible habit of wanting attention in the middle of the night because he’s bored. Sitting on Zane’s bedside cabinet (never Ty’s), silent as a shadow, then ever so delicately leaning over to press his tiny cold nose to Zane’s cheek, before bleaking loudly in his face.

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Zane jumps, which of course scares both cats and Ty, so he gets a grumpy husband threatening to lay on him, and two cats scrambling over him. With claws, of course. When everything settles, he gets two sad kitties staring at him, giving the worst guilt trip ever, and Ty just glaring at him wanting an explanation, because “why would Cricket wake you up Zane, he doesn’t even like you that much when you’re awake. I think you’re just blaming my kitty for your night twitches.”

Zane goes into tech geek problem solving mode, borrows Ty’s old night vision equipment, and sets up a webcam in the bedroom, to catch Cricket in the act. But these are Ty’s kitties, right? So nothing is ever that simple…

When that fails, he buys a couple of automatic toys.  One is a laser that Zane leaves downstairs and turns on just before he goes to bed.  Except he didn’t tell Ty he was doing it (because Ty didn’t believe the damn cat was waking him up anyway) and Ty comes downstairs in the middle of the night thinking a sniper with a laser sight is trying to kill their cats.

So he tries an automatic mouse. It somehow ends up in bed right up against Ty. There is screaming. Zane still ends up responsible for a pissy husband and spooked kitties.

Zane resorts to sleeping in the third floor bedroom, with the door very firmly closed against a feline invasion. He badly needs to sleep, and feels like he’s living in a house full of crazy, devious bastards who never let him win. Cricket huffs. Jiminy huffs. Ty huffs. A bedroom without Zane is a bedroom without fun. In more ways than one.

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