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“We arent sure yet”

“No more prawns lol”


“Sucks to be you.”

“Absolutely spectacular. Like a hug from The Lord.”

“R u safe”

“do you want yogurt?”

“Thanks. Love you too”

Somehow, I don’t feel too assured

“Sorry didn’t see this until now”

“I didn’t miss my bus, it’s just 15 minutes late”

“I have no idea why you can’t hear me”

“Yaaay more pain :P”

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I’ve seen people who have been upset and/or making fun of Karl Urban’s post initially from when he first posted about Anton Yelchin. What I’m not sure these people know is that Mr. Urban was literally in the middle of Denver Comic Con, signing autographs and taking pictures with various fans when he got the news. 

I can’t say for certain the timing but I was in line at Brent Spiner’s table when Mr. Urban abruptly got pulled out of his line yesterday (Sunday) morning. He was gone for a “break” for almost an hour and when he finally came back, I overheard more than one person say his eyes were red as if he’d been upset about something. A little bit after that, news of Anton’s death started hitting the con floor. 

So the point of this is to give you an idea of what his head-space was probably like when that post was made and what he was doing. He’d undoubtedly been talking with fans about Star Trek and the cast and filming and it wouldn’t surprise me if Anton came up a time or two before he got the news. You never know what people are doing when they get news like that so please, for all that is holy, stop it about Karl Urban’s response. Have some respect. 

People take any reason to bitch. It was a natural response, nothing at all wrong with it. I think most of us who liked Anton felt the exact same way.

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RIP Anton Yelchin

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I’ll tell you what, though. This’d be totally of the books, off the records, but if you want to grab one of those Mango Fruit Blasts on your way out the door, I’ll just pretend I didn’t see it.