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Book Art by Isobelle Ouzman

Isobelle Ouzman is a 24-year-old Brit currently based in Seattle, WA. She

carves intricate 3D illustrations into discarded books. 

I am a quiet lady with a wild imagination and a fascination for all things nature and fairytale related. Everything I make uses repurposed or recycled materials and I’m trying my best to keep it that way.


Follow her on Tumblr and Instagram.


Managed to get some geekery into work today.

My supervisor was writing a fake email from a Doctor that’s going to be shown to interviewees next week for them to respond to as a ‘pre-interview test’ – after asking my opinion on it I commented that the sender should be called McCoy…because I found it amusing and she agreed (she’s heard my squeeing for the new film)

So next week candidates are going to sit in an interview and respond to an email from Dr McCoy….they should get bonus points if they clock the reference 😛    

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Milky Way Over the Spanish Peaks : That’s not lightning, and it did not strike between those mountains. The diagonal band is actually the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy, while the twin peaks are actually called the Spanish Peaks – but located in Colorado, USA. Although each Spanish peak is composed of a slightly different type of rock, both are approximately 25 million years old. This serene yet spirited image composite was meticulously created by merging a series of images all taken from the same location on one night and early last month. In the first series of exposures, the background sky was built up, with great detail being revealed in the Milky Way dust lanes as well as the large colorful region surrounding the star Rho Ophiuchus just right of center. One sky image, though, was taken using a fogging filter so that brighter stars would appear more spread out and so more prominent. As a bonus, the planets Mars and Saturn are placed right above peaks and make an orange triangle with the bright star Antares. Later that night, after the moonrise, the Moon itself naturally illuminated the snow covered mountain tops. via NASA


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Does anyone else with anxiety find themselves constantly googling the definition of different words? Even if I know the definition of the word, I still google it before I use it in conversation just in case I was wrong so I don’t look stupid. Is that just me?



people who enjoy coffee but can still function without it should be feared

people who don’t like coffee at all and therefore don’t even need to contemplate having some in order to function should be worshipped

tag urself im being worshipped


23 dias, 9 horas e 51 minutos 💔

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Karl Urban as Black Hat