Posted: July 5, 2016 in Uncategorized





Umm I appear to have dropped off the face of the internet…again, I’m sorry 😦 

In – most likely – related news, I started reading the Thirds series….I’m not entirely convinced this was a good idea. Half a book in I had my fave, I’m now on book 3. This is going to be painful isn’t it? and also bad for my productivity and sleeping/eating requirements??  


As much as I do love Dex, I appear to have a soft spot for grumpy assholes! 🙂

Ash and Sloane. Love them too. Although Hobbes is my favorite because I worked with a selective mute once. I have Tigers and Devils on my Kindle ready to go, but for some reason I’m resisting. Just finished the necromancer series by S J Himes. Very good.

Ash is my favourite (I’m aware this may kill me with feels). Awww Hobbs he’s ace too! y’know I don’t think there’s anyone I dislike…yet. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that series. I’m always up for good book rec’s, although it takes me forever to get around to reading them.

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