Okay, now what?

Posted: July 18, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Well I finished reading @charliecochet ‘s THIRDS series today and now I need to remember how to do that life thing, namely sleeping, eating and cleaning. 

One of those rare books where I actually liked all the main players (I’ve always been a sucker for military teams – Aliens is by far the best of that series for that reason) though my favourites are Ash and Hobbs. Also being a Brit I’m glad that the British guy doesn’t annoy me. Brit slang is used well and didn’t appear out of place, least to me it didn’t. Would love to know which part of England he’s supposed to be from.  

Totally captivating read that I wish I’d discovered sooner, no wait actually I don’t, least this way I didn’t have to wait for book 7 😛

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