• Black & White [Lineart]  = $ 50
  • Lineart + Monochromatic Tones (w/Shading) = $ 60
  • Black & White Chibi [Lineart] = $25 
  • Chibi Lineart + Color = $ 35

Additional Notes:

  • Payment is via Paypal
  • Commissioner will pay for the  4.4% + 15.00 PHP fee in Paypal.  ( This is already included in the prices)
  •  $10.00 for additional background

I will be opening 5 commission slots per batch, so if you’re interested, please pm me or send an ask. I’ll update y’all if the slots are full. 

For more inquiries don’t hesitate to send me an ask! 


1st Batch of Commission Slots: 

Anyhow, sharing this entry will help me tons! Thank you and have an awesome day/night~


This entry is subject to change*

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