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Ty tells Zane he can put up pictures in the house, but Zane just smiles and says, “I know,” and never does. So Ty finds the pictures that matter most to Zane, and gets them framed. When Zane walks in the door one evening after work, he’s greeted by pictures from his life. Annie, Mark, and Sadie out on the ranch in Texas. Mara and himself doing dishes in her kitchen after dinner one night. Him and Kelly shooting darts while Nick and Digger watch them. Zane and Clancy dancing at a friend’s wedding. Perrimore and Alston tackling him during what was supposed to be a game of flag football. Even one of just him, sprawled on the couch with a favourite book and a content smile.

But the one that captures his attention the most is one of him and Ty, sitting on a beach in just their board shorts and sunglasses. They’re not touching, not really even looking at each other, but their heads are tilted towards one another, and they’re both grinning. He runs his fingers over the frame, then sees Ty standing beside him.

“Thought I couldn’t do this myself or something?”

Ty shrugs. “Maybe I just wanted to make sure you put them in the right places.” He reaches out and touches the frame too. “If I’d let you do it, they’d all be upstairs where no one could see them.”

“You had to move your pictures.”

Ty shakes his head. “No, I moved our pictures to make room for more of our pictures.” He wraps an arm around Zane’s waist and says, “Because pictures of your life should be right next to pictures of mine, right?”

Zane just looks at him, then nods. “Right.”