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Comfort Food (#2)

Posted: May 26, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Ty: Apple Pie

1) Barely tall enough to see over the counter, a boy clings to his momma’s apron strings, watching in fascination as she teaches him how to make his favorite treat. She rolls out a big lump of dough, and then lays it in a pie plate before pouring in the sliced apple filling–the best part! He reaches to sneak a taste, but his hand is swatted away. She unfurls another sheet of dough over the top and trims the edges. His little fingers can’t quite manage a proper crimp, but that’s okay. It’ll still taste as good as always.

2) Straddling the line between boy and man, he runs from himself. Got a momma and daddy to make proud. She kisses his cheek goodbye, tears streaming down her face, enough for both of them. He needs to be strong; can’t let them see his fear. It’s time to be a man now. But he’ll always be his momma’s boy. And when he’s out there choking down another tasteless MRE alongside his brothers, he thinks about her and how much sweeter that apple pie will taste when he returns. If he returns.

3) With too much time on his hands and a taste for something homemade, he finally digs out an index card from it’s hiding place. How hard could it be? With hands better suited to making war, he fumbles his way through the recipe. It’s hardly the most attractive pie he’s seen, and he might have accidentally used too little sugar and too much spice, but he did it. It’s perfect, his lover assures him with a kiss. He takes a bite and smiles in agreement. Now this his momma would be proud of.