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Posted: April 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I find it highly ironic and amusing that Kelly Abbott’s ‘life’ was saved due to @abiroux‘s friend quitting smoking…Kelly Abbott, a character who smokes 😛


“Nick’s hands tightened on Kelly’s baa.”



A tiny teaser from a book that’s not even half done.

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I….but…how….*mourns the loss of thought and words*

““I’ve got you,” Zane said as he pulled Ty against him, one arm encircling his waist and holding tight, easily supporting the other man’s weight until Ty could find his feet.

Ty’s only response was stunned silence. He looked up and met Zane’s eyes as they stayed locked in the clumsy embrace. “Shit,” he finally muttered.” 

(pg 130, Cut & Run, Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux, Dreamspinner Press)

heeee it begins!  

So the rest finally arrived! Bookshelf now contains extra awesome!

My bookshelf OCD allows them to be stacked this way, which is good ‘cos I really don’t fancy falling out with myself over the need that they must be within easy non-hidden reach 😛

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I’ve started another C&R read through – determined to take my time this time, savor the pain an all that – 8 pages in and it’s just dawned on me that Sanchez’s funeral probably took place within the time frame of book 1. I’m the furthest away from Part & Parcel as I can be right now and already that book is gut punching me…

….this is going to hurt.

A friend has just turned up, handed me a present and said I might want to open this one early…

She wasn’t wrong!! So today not only did I get my mits on Part & Parcel I also got these ❤ The third read through is definitely happening after Dublin 😀


Whoop it’s finally here! Totally classing this as an early birthday pressie to myself…even though I’d pre-ordered it way back when 😛

Might have to start an epic third read through when I’m back from Dublin.