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So, I’ve been trying to pick five of my favourite parts from the Cut & Run book series (impossible right?) for that poll thingie and have come to the following conclusion…

My favourite parts aren’t so much scenes more like themes(?) like –
Zane having been to rehab
Ty being a POW
The amount of injuries they sustain trying to protect each over 
How much Sidewinder mean to Ty
The little gestures that mean so much
The Anchor, The Compass
etc, etc…

and the fact that information and backstory is revealed gradually over time, keeping you hooked and wanting more! This series just about killed me and it keeps going with the Sidewinder series! 

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Andy was going to try to save his goddamn hometown with this project like a goddamn hero, all while Henry was planning to find the highest bidder and sell and bail. How the hell did Henry keep finding other humans who made him look like a dumpster fire in comparison?

Evidence that I’m obsessed with a new fandom….

…I start trying to make stuff ^^
(doodle pages not finished, not by a long shot)

Still awash with feels from reading @abiroux‘s Part & Parcel ~ don’t think I can handle a re-read just yet so decided to try and think of/do something else…then this happened

No idea what i’m gunna do with them yet.  


This could be considered spoilery, so I’m hiding it under a cut.

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Just finished reading @abiroux‘s third installment of the Sidewidner series ~ Part & Parcel….in a record time (for me) of about 6hrs with a 3hr sleep in the middle.

I now need a corner to sit in….or someone to talk to, but there’s no one I know who will understand my ramblings!….corner it is then…

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So @riptidepublishing put up an except of the first chapter of Part & Parcel and I got really emotional almost instantly, starting with the quote at the beginning.