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Airship Sidewinder #2: The Eyes Have It by writingabeautifuldisaster

It’s been a year since the massive sea battle that crippled Sidewinder and left the crew wondering if the Baron really died or if he’s still lurking in the skies. With a worldwide summit approaching to discuss lifting the technology bans, pirate captain Ty Grady is convinced the Baron will show and wreak his own brand of chaos on the festivities. Meanwhile, ghosts from Kelly Abbott’s past creep out of the shadows when Sidewinder receives valuable information concerning the project he was forced into as a child.

But when a new enemy enters the playing board and one of their own succumbs to his own demons, the crew of Sidewinder must make terrible decisions or risk being torn apart from the inside out.

Read book 1: tumblr, AO3

Read book 2: tumblr, AO3

[The first Kelly image and second Nick image are also edited by Tristina]
[The first Nick image is taken from one of trevalyans‘ wonderful gifs]

This! This right here is what drew me into the Cut & Run fandom! It’s also the thing that got me reading AU’s, soooo good!!