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Here’s the pic I promised you @alphakingonstilesboard 

Wanted to wear something cybery to a con so cybered up Loki – I’ve worn this to Thought Bubble and MCM London 

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I regretfully must inform you that I do indeed still watch Teen Wolf, even though I am left asking myself the same exact question after every new episode, namely, “Why the fuck am I still watching this horrendous trainwreck of a show?”

And the answer is unfortunately always the same. Because I love Stiles and Dylan O’Brien too much to just abandon it while he’s still there. 

As for the finale; of course they’re going to find a way to save Mason because they need to maintain their reputation as such a “diverse” show, you know? And you know what else is gonna happen in the finale? They’re probably going to put Stiles and Malia back together because obviously that’s what that show needs; more fucked up romantic relationships between a character who is in desperate need of therapy after all the shit he’s gone through lately, and a character who makes no sense whatsoever. (Yeah, living as a wild animal for like 8 years in the woods totally makes you ready to graduate High School and enables you with the social skills, interests and desires of a normal human teenager after only a few months. Makes total sense.) 

And let’s not forget that saving Mason is also going to be vital to keeping Scott McCall the True Alpha™ the main attraction of the show because, let’s be real, Teen Wolf became The Scott McCall Show ages ago. And you can’t have the Scott McCall show without Scott McCall, Hero and True Alpha™.

There’s also going to be lots of slow motion, though I doubt the producers can top last week’s episode, where there was an actual slow motion scene of people not even doing anything. Not even moving. Because slow motion for everyone, everywhere, at all times! Oh, and I think we can definitely count on there being some form of unnecessary, uncomfortable romance thrown into the mix. Probably several scenes like that, because it is the season finale, after all, and you can’t have a Scott McCall Show season finale without the uncomfortable romance scenes, right? 

And at the end of the finale, everyone will be in love with about 600 new plotholes emerging, and God knows what not, and I’ll be left sitting there, once again asking myself why I put myself through the horrendous torture that is watching Teen Wolf every single week. 

Then awaits a blissful period of several months of no Teen Wolf, in which I will still be praying to everything there is to pray to that someone, for the love of Derek Hale, will either make Stiles pack up all his shit and the Sheriff, and abandon Beacon Hills and everyone in it for good because Beacon Hills doesn’t deserve the Stilinskis, and Teen Wolf doesn’t deserve Dylan O’Brien and Linden Ashby, so I can stop watching this shit. Or that the people in charge will finally, finally, come to their senses and make season 6 the last ever season of The Scott McCall, True Alpha™, show and put us all out of our misery.

And as a final note; I really fucking miss Derek Hale.

This turned into a full-fledged rant. I’m sorry. I have a lot of rage about Teen Wolf.

Yeah, I’m kinda glad I quit watching once Hoechlin left.


I am so, so sorry for how long it’s taken me to fill this, and for my general absence in terms of Cut & Run ficlets lately. Most of my time has gone into uni and work, and I simply haven’t had the time and energy to sit down and write anything. Hopefully this makes up for the wait, though. 

(Amazing prompt, by the way. Thank you for sending it to me, darling! <3) 


“God dammit,

Ty’s voice
echoed through the forest, the sound carrying so heavily that Kelly wouldn’t be
surprised if the people at the diner they’d stopped at a few hours prior to
could actually hear it, even over the pouring rain and the howling winds.

crawled to the opening of the tent, pulling the zipper down and peeking his
head out into the rain. Somewhere behind him, Nick snorted, and Kelly had to
resist the urge to kick at him.

“You guys doing okay?” Kelly asked, raising his voice to make sure that
he could be heard over the rain pounding against the wet ground of the forest
and the loud winds ruffling the trees that surrounded the clearing they’d
decided to set up camp in.

Ty’s head whipped around at the sound of Kelly’s voice, and he shot the
man a glare with such heat that it was a miracle it didn’t burn a hole straight
through Kelly’s forehead.

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This was more difficult for me to write than I expected it to be. I’m so sorry. And I’m so sorry for how long it’s taken me to fill this prompt, anon! Hopefully the result will make the wait somewhat worth it!


Over the years that had followed since Zane and Ty had
announced their relationship – and later their marriage – to Zane’s family,
coming to Texas was no longer as stressful and as uncomfortable as it had been
for as long as Zane could remember. In fact, he had started looking forward to
the visits to the ranch with his husband. Beverly was still working on
accepting her son for who he was, but she was constantly making progress.

Slow progress, sure, but progress nevertheless.

Zane and Ty would travel to Texas for holidays,
birthdays and sometimes even just long weekends out of nowhere, just like they
did with Ty’s family in West Virginia. It had become a pleasant experience, and
it wasn’t rare for Zane to be feeling excited in the days leading up to the
flight home.

However, when he had to travel to Texas because his
father was in the hospital, being kept alive by machines from a horrific car
accident, excitement was the very last thing Zane was feeling.

This time, he hated going to Texas.

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Ask, and you shall receive, my dear anon.


clutched the phone in his hand, holding it firmly against his ear as he waited
for the tone to be replaced by the voice he so desperately wanted to hear.

His body
was shaking, the remains of his nightmare still clinging on to him, even thirty
minutes after he’d woken up. Zane couldn’t even remember what the dream had
been about, but he remembered it being bad enough to have him waking up gasping
for air, as the memories of every horrible thing that had happened to him,
starting with Becky’s death, flooded his brain all at once, leaving him nearly
paralyzed with the intensity of it all.

It was a
rare occasion for Zane to be so shaken by a nightmare that he still hadn’t calmed
down after half an hour, and it had been so long since the last time it had
happened that Zane was reaching for his phone and finding Ty’s number before he
knew what he was doing.

It took six
rings before Ty’s gruff voice answered.

“Grady.” He muttered, the introduction
giving away the fact that he hadn’t even checked the display of his phone
before taking Zane’s call.

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You are the sweetest, anon! Thank you so much for your lovely message! 

Here you go. ❤


are you?!” Ty shouted, looking around the big, vast emptiness around him.
He saw nothing but miles and miles of sand, stretching as far as his eye could
see in the darkness.

It was cold
out here. Freezing, even, which was a stark contrast to the unbearable heat he
fought against during the day.

Ty did what
he could to navigate through the dark, but it was hard. He was disoriented, and
cold, and edging towards a panic because Zane was gone. He’d been right there,
just a few minutes ago, and now Ty couldn’t find him. Couldn’t see him, or hear
him, or feel him anywhere near him.

“Zane, you
son of a bitch, where the hell are you?!” He tried again, looking around
frantically. He couldn’t lose Zane — couldn’t lose him in the desert. Ty had
lost too much in the desert already.

darkness surrounded him and despite being out in the wide open, Ty felt
trapped. Trapped and alone, because Zane wasn’t there anymore.

And Zane
had promised him he wouldn’t leave him alone in the dark.

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Thank you for being so understanding, anon! Uni is taking up far more of my time than I would have liked, and I’d like to apologise for the lack of TyZane ficlets. I appreciate you all being so understanding and patient with me, and hopefully this makes up for some of the wait! 

And please don’t worry – I still have all the prompts you guys have sent in waiting in my inbox, and I will fill them as soon as I possibly can! This one just sparked inspiration in me right away, and I couldn’t resist.

I’d like to dedicate this to @darktwinkle, whose birthday is today! Happy birthday, darling! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day! x


It was October. The weather in Baltimore had steadily
turned frigid over the past few weeks, providing all the warning signs of a
freezing winter that was approaching at rapid speed.

With the Christmas season approaching as well, there
was plenty to do at the bookstore. Plenty of people came in daily, asking for
specific editions of specific books that they wanted to give a loved one for
their late-year birthdays or Christmas, and wanted to come in early to make
sure that the books would be in the bookstore in time for Christmas. It was a
good thing too, because customers were asking for the most outrageous things,
and a lot of the books had to be ordered from Europe and Asia and Australia.
(And it was no secret that the postal service was less than trustworthy at the
best of times, so when Christmas was getting closer, there was no telling how
long it could take to get one book sent across the pond.)

In other, simpler words; it had been a long,
exhausting week for Zane. Especially with how the CIA had dumped three
informants on their doorstep over the last seven days in addition to the
day-to-day stress of running the bookstore.

Zane was tired.

So really, who could blame him for wanting nothing
else when Sunday rolled around to just stay in bed and sleep all day?

Ty, apparently. Ty could blame him for that.

The little shit.

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This is made of so much awesome! love it!! Also thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the surprise dedication! ❤ x


Can it still be classified as a “ficlet” when it surpasses 2400 words? Because that’s what this monstrosity ended up doing.


was white.

That was
the first thought that popped into Zane’s head as he stared out of the window,
over the field that had been decked out for wedding. White flowers, white
chairs, white carpets, white tables.

was just so damned white.

He shouldn’t
have been surprised, though. After all, when his mother was in charge of
planning a big event, he should have expected something extremely traditional.
Even though the wedding was about as untraditional in the state of Texas as it
could possibly be.

Had someone
told Zane two years ago that his mother would have planned his second wedding –
where he would marry a man, no less – he would have laughed in their
face and most likely assumed they were completely insane. But then again, two
years ago, Beverly Carter Garrett hadn’t been introduced to Mara Grady.

hadn’t been joking when he’d said that Beverly and Mara had done a lot of
talking during those days in which the Gradys had been kept at the
Carter-Garrett ranch for protection. Mara Grady could talk sense into just
about everyone, that much had been proven when she’d successfully convinced
Beverly that the two of them should arrange a proper family wedding for their
two sons.

Despite his
mother’s progress, a part of Zane had always believed that his mother was never
actually going to go through with planning the wedding, so when he’d received a
phone call two months ago, where his mother announced that she and Mara were so
far into their planning that they needed Ty and Zane to give them a date for
the wedding.

Zane had
been so surprised that he’d nearly fallen off his chair.

However, they’d found a date, and now, two months later, the day had arrived.

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A lovely anon suggested I should make a masterlist for my Cut & Run ficlets that I will update as I continue to write them, for easier access and, well, I thought that was a damned good idea. 

You can find the masterlist here!

I also want to thank everyone who’s sent me prompts so far, and everyone who’s given me feedback in the form of likes, reblogs and comments. You’re all absolutely lovely, and you make writing these even more enjoyable than it already was to begin with. Thank you so much for being so sweet. ❤

This is going in the bookmarks ~ so much goodness all in one post! Thank you for sharing these 🙂