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Let me tell you how much I love this scene. THIS SCENE. Because it’s so many things at once. I mean first of all, it’s a straightforward fight scene between a man and a woman that’s mean-spirited and ugly, and so many male-female fights are in some way comedic; the woman wins because the guy underestimates her or dismisses her and she surprises him before knocking him out.

But here – Clint knows exactly what she can do, and he goes after her without underestimating her for a second, but he still loses because she’s just better than he is. He’s not having an off day or tired or whatever, he’s just *not as good*. And that’s cool.

But even more than all that, the fact that Clint is trying to kill her and she’s just trying to knock him out or get through to him or do something, anything, to get him back – it’s heartbreaking, because you know there’s a part of Natasha that always thought Clint shouldn’t’ve made that different call, that one day he’d turn and see her and decide that her ledger would never be wiped clean and that he should just take her out now. So she’s having this fight with him and wondering the whole time if it’s just wishful thinking, believing that he’s being possessed right now.

Basically what I’m saying is that as many Bruce and Clint feels as I have, none of them will ever compare to NATASHA FEELS.

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