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Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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So at the UK convention Asylum 16 we trialed a support system for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and other conditions and it worked amazingly so I thought that maybe we could try and get it working at other conventions too.

The system offers a support network of hundreds of other attendees to those who may need support during the convention. If you need help, a hug, a buddy to queue with, or just someone to talk to, then the badges help to alert other attendees.

The system works using badges which carry two hashtags.

The green ‪#‎APPLEPIE‬ badges are for helpers who can offer support.

And the blue ‪#‎PUDDING‬ badges are for those who may need support during the convention.

The system works using Twitter as you simply tweet using the PUDDING hashtag and the hashtag of the convention you are attending if you are in need of support and a helper will contact you back to offer support.

We would really like to see this support system go global so that everyone can feel safe and happy during a convention weekend.

Jared and Jensen also commented about how proud they were of the system.

We need as many helpers as we can so if you are interested then here is how you can help.

1. Get yourself a Green #APPLIEPIE badge

2. Wear your badge to the convention you are attending.

3. Keep an eye on for any other attendees wearing Blue #PUDDING badges. Even if they haven’t tweeted to say they need support, why not just have a chat to see if they are doing okay.

4. Check the #PUDDING hashtag every so often in case an attendee has tweeted.

The badges are available here

Stickers are available here: [PUDDING] [APPLIEPIE]