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‏@adambvary JJ Abrams: “Anton should be here,” notes his parents are in audience, asks for moment of silence. #StarTrekPremiere


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Kuli the one-eyed cat started surfing when he was 6 months old after being rescued from the streets of Honolulu. He has no fear of water because he was bathed a lot while recovering from eye surgery.

As far as surfing cats go, Kuli is a pro – although he does wear a teeny-tiny-yet-functional life preserver on occasion.

He seems pretty content with life, even immediately following surgery.

I just want to point out that you may never again see another photo that includes a one-eyed cat, drenched in water, floating on a surfboard, perfectly chill, in front of a double rainbow.


This is the most magnificent photo I have ever seen.

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Sloth stuck on highway median gets a lift back to forest.
via CBC News

Highway Sloth Brightens the Day of the Ecuadorian Transit Authority

that little faaaaaaaaaace ugh aaaaaahhh little sloth too precious for this world

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You know that part in PART & PARCEL where the guys are confessing their secrets, and Zane just gets up and moves closer because he says he can’t hear?

Well, what if later on when Ty and Zane are cuddling in bed together back in their hotel room, Ty gently jokes that Zane didn’t take his turn and Zane pulls him close and whispers that he actually did. That the bomb blast that took out the book store in CRASH & BURN left him with a ringing in his ears that never quite goes away.