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So I’m going to Florida later this year (exciting times!! I’ve never been before so super excited to do ALL the Disney stuff, I don’t care if I’m 31) and pretty much every purchase I’m making atm needs to be related to it…I’m amazed by what I can argue is ‘for Florida’ 😛

The other week I bought a swimming costume and tonight for the first time in 12 years I went swimming…Going to be sooo sore tomorrow, one length and I was knackered, still I’m an idiot so did 32 of them…but I’m super proud of myself. Not for the swimming part nope, for the wearing my costume in public part – pretty sure I have body dysmorphia, I’m not massive I know this but I see what I see. And looking back I’m also sure this was a reason I gave up swimming when I was 11. 

So yeah, wore a costume in public, swam loads, gunna hurt later but least I can get the ‘new swimming muscle’ pain out the way before hitting the water parks in Florida and I’d also like to accomplish my side goal – to not feel anxious about people seeing me in my costume!


Putting up my body dysmorphia comic from last year of uni on here, as I was recently informed some people may be interested in it.