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Tony: We should let them do this
Natasha: Okay just hear me out…
Black Panther: BUCKY DID THIS
Bucky: I didn’t do this
Clint: It got boring at home
Vision: Wanda no!
Wanda: WANDA YES!!
Falcon: Everyone, this is Redwing
War Machine: Alright, I don’t want anyone fucking shit up
Spider-Man: I’m done with my homework and Mr. Stark said I can come along
Ant-Man: I’m just happy to be here

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Just got back from seeing Captain America: Civil War – I enjoyed it! and that’s all I’m saying on the matter (for now). Oh and that there are two credit scenes – one part way and one at the end in true Marvel style

If anyone wants to chat about it/has any questions, feel free to send me a message 🙂