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So this just happened.

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My sincerest apologies to the random dude that I just French dipped in public and then proceeded to make a comic about.

holy crap this made its way back onto my dash why are there that many notes there should not be that many

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by Pie Comic

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“Cartel men were in Baltimore, they’d rigged the bookstore to blow to send you and Ty a message!”

i momentarily stopped reading because i felt the need to draw this

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Bloody Mary


Putting up my body dysmorphia comic from last year of uni on here, as I was recently informed some people may be interested in it.

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Princeless: The Pirate Princess #1 is in Previews now and it has these two lovely covers available for Preorder.  Up top is the regular extraordinary cover by unassumingpumpkin and tenbandits.  Below is the variant by amazing artist photinus!

You can order one or both from you comic store starting right now!  And you totally should!

My first proper comic solicits are in! Coming in January, people!

Gonna have a comic in shops in January! *dance party*

Now please go preorder a copy! You’ll be happy you did.