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A friend has just turned up, handed me a present and said I might want to open this one early…

She wasn’t wrong!! So today not only did I get my mits on Part & Parcel I also got these ❤ The third read through is definitely happening after Dublin 😀


Whoop it’s finally here! Totally classing this as an early birthday pressie to myself…even though I’d pre-ordered it way back when 😛

Might have to start an epic third read through when I’m back from Dublin.

Evidence that I’m obsessed with a new fandom….

…I start trying to make stuff ^^
(doodle pages not finished, not by a long shot)

Still awash with feels from reading @abiroux‘s Part & Parcel ~ don’t think I can handle a re-read just yet so decided to try and think of/do something else…then this happened

No idea what i’m gunna do with them yet.  

Just finished reading @abiroux‘s third installment of the Sidewidner series ~ Part & Parcel….in a record time (for me) of about 6hrs with a 3hr sleep in the middle.

I now need a corner to sit in….or someone to talk to, but there’s no one I know who will understand my ramblings!….corner it is then…


Since a lot of people are getting their paperbacks early, the C&R Fandom spoiler tag black market orchids is in effect until…..let’s say two weeks after release?

So a week into the New Year just to be safe.

Please tag all your P&P-related posts with black market orchids and blacklist accordingly.

Enjoy the book, y’all!

Mine’s been in the post a week already….not expecting it for another couple, the kindle edition however!! *calculates the time zone difference*