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replied to your post
“An explanation of sorts”


Thank you! 🙂

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in belgium it’s chips for crisps and frites (fries) for chips 😀

It’s a bit interchangeable here (UK) Crisps are just that, we use chips and fries for the same thing however fries (sometimes french fries) tend to be skinnier than chips. 

Though like with most things we use (and understand) a lot of the American terminology too 🙂

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Fairly boring but could have been worse, I guess 😛

And here’s a bonus one since I accidentally ended up on that page again when looking for my ‘likes’ and realised it was different 

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lol, didn’t realise posting on AO3 would feed it back to tumblr ^^

yes and i love whomever set that feed up 🙂 <33 they seem to have left the fandom though kept it running. AND YOUR FIC IS GOLD AND I LOVE IT. <33

Awwww thank you! that’s amazingly nice of you to say so, I’m glad you like it 🙂 ❤