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Posted: March 18, 2016 in Uncategorized
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sorry it’s so long, but i saw a post on my dash about someone who said they would unfollow anyone who posted screamers, and i felt like compiling this into a list!!

seriously, be nice. april fools’s’s’s’ with the debatable apostrophes is a day for jokes and pranks, not for hurting people. screamers aren’t funny. rick astley is funny because you can close that as soon as you hear the opening chords.

You forgot the most important one…DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE SUICIDE AS A “JOKE”/“prank”, NO SUICIDE SCARES…. NOT OVER THE PHONE IN PERSON ON OVER THE INTERNET. D O N O T DO IT. Literally do not do it. Like seriously. SUICIDE IS NOT FUNNY. don’t fucking do it Jesus Christ and a bag of rice PLEASE.

Please tell us why Rick astley signed your shoe