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Great Reference , a good hand how to draw is always needed ^_^ 
But, the thing is I MUST draw it for real :/


It usually comes down to making a line in a single stroke. If you don’t get it at first try you can undo your move and try making another stroke. ( personally I don’t see a shame in that )


(CTRL+Z for the first undo and CTRL+ALT+Z for further undos in PhotoShop)

Sometimes it takes a lot of undo-redos…. The more you get comfortable with your drawing tablet, the easier it will be for you to draw the lines the way you want. Please don’t get discouraged!! Practice makes perfect!

What is more, Photoshop (as well as PaintTool SAI) has the option to rotate your canvas in real time. Works great for the horizontal lines!


In PS – just hold R. In SAI you can assign the Rotate button when you double-click on the icon here:


PaintTool SAI has one feature that PS doesn’t and that’s the line stabilizer.


Even when drawing the line slowly, the program smooths it out!  

I only covered the basics, but I hope it helps you Nonie! And…

Truth be told, sometimes, the perfect looking lineart is simply the result of re-sizing the image… :V


( As for ‘darkened’ I’m not sure what you meant… sorry… ‘-’ )

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Phoneme Chart by TheEndIsNearUs

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One of my other jobs on BH6 was to stock the library of hairstyles for crowd people.  Here’s a sampling of ladies’ styles, dropped on the generic head.

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Thanks so much for your ask! I’ve meant to do a tutorial like this for a long time. This is the way that I draw big girls, though it’s quite a short and basic tutorial. I hope it helps!

the “area of gain” part was pretty much taken directly from -here-, a VERY informative and helpful tutorial. Here’s a couple of tutorials that I think are pretty good: link and link.

i was like “that area of weight gain chart looks a lot like mine” and then