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instead of just kudos or hearts, i think fics should also have the following options as tickboxes for feedback

  • grinned at computer screen until face hurt
  • felt second hand embarrassment for characters so acutely, had to jog in place for a while before being able to continue reading
  • made noises that caused local sentient life forms to inquire after health/mental state
  • said ‘i love you’ out loud
  • frightened pet with erratic behavior by the second chapter
  • felt compelled to message a friend large portions of this fic followed by in-depth commentary such as ‘KJHDKJHShdjheuhfbjashdbe’
  • forgot to eat while reading this fic
  • forgot to pee while reading this fic
  • peed while reading this fic
  • was not in the bathroom at time of peeing while reading this fic

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when you find an author that writes your otp with the ideal dynamic



Ages ago, I made a prompt-generating script for the Sherlock fandom, and it produced some incredibly hilarious results, as well as some very awesome legitimate fics.

I figured it might be fun to retool the script for the Cut & Run fandom (and subsequent/related properties, including all things Sidewinder, Warrior’s Cross, etc).

You can use this if you’re stuck and simply want a random genre/prompt/etc, or go all-in and write a story using every single variable it spits out. The only things it won’t do is generate things like explicit kidfic or anything of that nature. Pretty much any pairing of characters and any location is fair game.

For example, it just threw Cameron/Digger explicit angst in a shitty hotel room during the holidays at me. I don’t think you can get crackier than that. XD But there’s no need to use all those details, you could just ignore the pairing and do Nickels instead or whatever 😀

If you have any suggestions for characters, prompts, locations, etc, that you think I should include hit up my ask box!

All I ask is that if it inspires any sort of greatness, that you tag me when you post it so I can see ❤

(and yes, I am aware that it will occasionally spit out an “undefined” character name, I’m trying to see where I fucked up so I can fix it but I’m tired and it might have to wait until tomorrow)

This thing has been making the rounds again, so I thought I would play with it for a bit to cheer myself up. This is the first thing it spit out at me:

And now all I can imagine is everyone gathered on the Fiddler to mourn Ty.


Cut & Run Fanfic Prompter


I can 1000% guarantee that someone has flailed and gushed and swooned over at least one of your fics because it spoke to something in them.

You have connected with more people than you know and you should be completely proud of yourselves.

Never compare yourself to others because everyone builds these connections in their own amazing way and fandom would be far less interesting without you in it

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Fanfiction appreciation post   1 | 2 | 3

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea how much that makes me smile. I’m glad you liked it! ❤

To be honest I’ve been completely blindsided by the response to this fic. I wasn’t planning on writing a sequel but there appears to be a fair bit of interest in one so I’m now toying with the idea 🙂

I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly – as I think it’ll answer the question for a few people