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Yesterday I went out for breakfast with a friend. On the drive there we passed this building – I’ve passed this for years and never noticed…I’m hoping it’s new. 


And because my phone acted up the first time we passed it, I very kindly asked said friend drive back past this building (after food) without actually explaining anything to her other then I need a photo 😛

C&R vision

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So, pens are like gold dust at work. Yesterday I grabbed the nearest one I could find – this red and white thing I’d never seen before – and headed out to another site. A few hours later I actually noticed what was written on the pen 


Three guesses who this made me think off ^^

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Just transferred my Dublin photos to my laptop and came across this one. Forgot I’d taken it, despite snapping it in the middle of a gift shop (was typically at the bottom so was almost sat on the floor) then turning to a friend and saying ‘it’s a fandom thing’