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Nickels and Zanety! 

Of course Nickels gets to have the kinky artwork and Zanety, the fluff. 

Characters © Cut & Run | Sidewinder, @abiroux

Comfort Food

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About: Just a little something I’ve been sitting on for awhile. A challenge to myself to write 100 word or less drabbles, in a different tone than I normally use, linking comfort foods to important points in life. I’d wanted to do ones for all the guys, but for now all I have is Kelly. Total fluff. 🙂

Kelly: M&M Pancakes

1) A lost little boy wakes to a world that’s not his own. A single stop on a road of many, but he doesn’t know that that yet. He buries his face into a pillow and sniffles. He wants to go home. When the smell of pancakes finally lures him to the kitchen, he finds a stack all for himself, studded with brightly colored chocolate drops in the shape of a smile. They remembered. It’s the first time he smiles in what feels like years.

2) A man old enough to know better but too young to care puts a ring on the finger of a woman he loves. Or does he? He knows he’s mentioned it before, but she always laughs and tells him he’s too old for that sort of thing. He needs to take care of himself, she says, for them. Jewels of chocolate never greet him when he wakes to breakfast in bed, only flat discs bearing more resemblance to cardboard than food. The only jewel he ever sees these days is the one on her hand.  

3) A man who feels so much older than his thirty-some years wakes to hard muscle, freckles, and ivy colored eyes. A life he never imagined for himself, and wouldn’t trade for anything. He’s traveled countless lonely miles to get here, but knows too well how precious each moment together is. Home. Mornings like these are always the same–kisses, then pancakes. And it never escapes his notice that one pancake’s smile has blue candies for eyes and another’s green.


Nickels and Zanety! 

Of course Nickels gets to have the kinky artwork and Zanety, the fluff. 

Characters © Cut & Run | Sidewinder, @abiroux

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Books + Picspam:

Shock & Aw by Abigail Roux 

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I find it highly ironic and amusing that Kelly Abbott’s ‘life’ was saved due to @abiroux‘s friend quitting smoking…Kelly Abbott, a character who smokes 😛



When March comes, everyone is a suspect.


Throwback Thursday ~ Ball & Chain teaser

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“Okay. So tell me more about the case. Can you?” 

“Technically, no. But hell, I’ve told you national security shit you shouldn’t know either so what the hell.”

Kelly gestured to himself, tracing a circle in the air around his face. “It’s this beautiful mug right here. Like a puppy. Does this look like the face of a spy?” Nick glanced sideways at him. 


“Fair enough. But tell me anyway.”

– Cross & Crown by @abiroux

It’s Kelly Abbott’s birthday today, technically yesterday since it’s past midnight here. But I felt like I needed to make some for the character I relate to and love most.