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I wrote another thing – this ones my take on ‘I just really need to have you here right now’ and ‘Look at me – just breathe, okay?’ from the angst dialogue prompt list.

~ ~ ~ ~

‘Oh dear God it hurts’ was the first thought that entered Ty Grady’s mind quickly followed by ‘Fuck why am I not dead?’

“Because you’re not that lucky?”

Ty hadn’t realised he’d spoken out loud so he really wasn’t expecting an answer and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting the voice that delivered it.

“Doc?” he questioned, managing to crack open an eyelid only to quickly shut it again, why were hospital lights so fucking bright? at least he assumed he was in hospital. The surface below him felt like a bed, a bed much comfier than the medical cots from the past, but doc being here…

“Evening, sunshine”

Oh God he could even hear the smile in Kelly’s voice, the man was far too happy. Though that should be a positive sign, an unhappy Kelly standing vigil was never good news.


“What what?” Kelly asked after Ty trailed off.

“Why…?” words just weren’t his friend today.

“Why am I here? What happened?”

Not trusting his words he nodded, he really shouldn’t have done that either, the pain increased.

“Head hurt?” Kelly’s hand was on his forehead, probably estimating his temperature. Ty gave opening his eyes another shot and was glad that his initial reaction from a few moments ago seemed to be a one off. Blinking a few times Kelly’s concerned face came into focus.

“Yeah” he managed to get out as another wave of pain ran through him, this one seemed to originate from his gut.

Kelly sat back in the chair he’d pulled up to the side of the bed, he was definitely in an hospital bed and Kelly was wearing civvies. Numerous thoughts and events passed through his mind but nothing explained what had happened, something did jump out as being wrong though.

“Zane?” he questioned trying to sit up

A hand shot out and pushed him firmly back to the bed.

“Zane’s fine” Kelly informed him quickly, cutting straight to the point, Ty had never appreciated that more “He’s tying up a few loose ends that I’m not supposed to know about then he’ll be right over”

Ty struggled to sit up despite the crippling pain “I need to go”

“Go where? you leave that bed and you’ll fall flat on your ass”


“He’s fine” Kelly assured him, he was using his corpsman voice, the one that managed to get through the most thickest of skulls

“But, I need to be there” Ty protested “What if he needs backup?”

“He has it” Kelly replied, he was standing again, using one hand to keep Ty back against the pillows “Nick’s there”


“Jesus, what the fuck did they give you? no wonder you’ve had a reaction” Kelly was shaking his head, Ty knew that look, that was the look of ‘move out the way I’ll do it myself’. Doc wore that look a lot whenever he had accompanied any of sidewinder to a hospital in the past

“Doc, explain” his words were cut of by a gasp as the pain increased, he couldn’t help but attempt to curl up in the fetal position “Oh fuck that hurts!”

“Congratulations Grady, it’s a kidney stone”


“Fraid so” Kelly offered him a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, while he rummaged in his pocket “You’re going to have to pass this one naturally too, sorry”

Ty let himself fall back onto the bed, squeezing his eyes shut as he slowly stretched his legs back out. The pain was subsiding a little.

“Here” Kelly pressed his phone into Ty’s hand after a few moments

“What is it?” he questioned opening his eyes

“Your husband” with that Kelly stepped away from the bed, obviously trying to give him some privacy while not straying too far in case Ty needed him.

Ty brought the phone to his ear “Zane?”

“Damn Ty, it’s good to hear your voice. You scared me half to death”

“I’m fine” Ty smiled, Zane’s deep calming voice was just what he needed to hear “Well not fine, but doc seems to think I’ll live”

“Yeah he said”

“What’s happening?”

“Just waiting on a pick up, don’t worry it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle”

“Nick still with you?”

“Yeah, he’s babysitting. Doubt the bosses will be happy about this but fuck ‘em”



“I, I just really need to have you here right now”

“I know doll, I know, I’ll be there as soon as I can be, promise – look I gotta go, think the pickups here, I’ll be there soon, love you”

“Love you, darlin’” Ty wasn’t sure if Zane had heard his reply before he’d hung up but it didn’t really matter he supposed. Zane knew how much Ty loved him, Ty made sure to tell him at some point during the day, every day. The important thing was that Zane was doing everything he could to get there, nothing against Kelly’s bedside manner but right now all Ty wanted was his husband by his side. Zane always made the pain more bearable and the light at the end of the tunnel that bit brighter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ty woke slowly to the sound of voices, his head felt like it was stuffed with cotton. It took him a few moments to recall that he’d been given some pain relief, obviously it was either some good shit or a brand he was susceptible to. Within minutes of the nurse adding it to his drip he’d fallen asleep.

“No seriously it’s true I saw it on TV somewhere I think, or maybe I read it” that was Kelly’s voice

“Really? doesn’t sound right” that was Nick, Ty would recognise those voices anywhere

“Yeah, they were discussing it and there was this woman in the audience who’d given birth and passed a kidney stone, she said the stone was the more painful experience”

Ty groaned, that wasn’t what he needed to hear right then


Ty felt someone running their fingers through his hair, he could also hear the sound of chairs scraping across the floor. Forcing his eyes to open he was greeted with Zane’s incredibly handsome face. He’d have liked a moment to appreciate the view but it soon became apparent why he’d woken up at that moment, the pain was back. Gritting his teeth he let out another moan.

“Ty, Look at me – just breathe, okay?”

“It hurts Zane” he couldn’t help gasping as the pain hit him in waves

“I know doll” Zane continued running a soothing hand through his hair as his other found Ty’s hand, lacing their fingers together he squeezed tightly

“Man up Grady” Nick smiled at him from the foot of the bed “It’s just a little stone”

“Fuck you Irish!, I’ve just been informed that it’s worse than childbirth”

“I question the validity of your source” Nick smirked as Kelly elbowed him.

“If it makes you feel better I can help with the pregnancy breathing” Kelly offered patting Ty’s sheet covered foot “What?” he questioned as everyone turned to give him a confused look

“They trained you to deliver babies?”

“They trained us for everything” Kelly smiled “I’ve probably forgotten most of that though, but the other year one of the girls at camp went into surprise labour”

“Surprise how?”

“She didn’t know she was pregnant” Kelly shrugged “She was young, hadn’t had the best education, didn’t show. I can believe that she genuinely didn’t know. I was the nearest medic so she ended up being my responsibility, luckily the EMT’s turned up and took over because Jesus, I’ll stick my hand inside a body to pinch an artery closed but watching a baby pop out was something I didn’t need to see that day”

“You are a very strange man” Nick stated with a laugh, pulling Kelly closer to his side

Ty groaned again, whether from pain or at the display of affection between his friends he didn’t elaborate. Zane held his hand and continued running his fingers through his hair.

“It’ll be over soon doll” Zane tried to reassure him.

Ty just nodded, squeezing his eyes shut against the pain. He was vaguely aware of Nick and Kelly leaving to ‘find some food’ and at that moment he didn’t care if they actually did return with food or not. All that mattered was that Zane was here, Zane was here and letting him crush his hand whenever the pain intensified.

“Love you” Ty muttered, looking up into his husband’s intense dark eyes

“Love you too” Zane smiled bending to press his lips against Ty’s. The kiss was simple, chaste and interrupted by a fresh wave of pain.

This was going to be a long night but with Zane by his side Ty knew everything would be fine.

I appear to be developing a bit of a habit writing these things – This one’s based on the “It’s okay to cry” prompt.

“It’s okay to cry”

Kelly felt himself tense, he’d been so lost in this thoughts he hadn’t heard anyone leaving the house let alone approaching him. Some recon marine he’d make, then again the guy approaching was also recon, one of the best he’d been told, so maybe he wasn’t meant to hear the approach.

“Who said I’m going to cry?”

“I can see it in your face”

“You’re not looking at my face”

“Fine, I could see it in your eyes earlier and your whole body is tensed up. It’s kinda obvious Doc”

Kelly remained silent, he wasn’t sure if he was in the mood for company and he really wasn’t sure if he deserved it, especially after what he’d done not fifteen minutes ago.

“It’s the anniversary isn’t it?” Kelly turned to look up at Nick, giving him a blank look. That was quite possibly the last thing he’d expected his teammate to come out with “Of when you lost your parents?”

Kelly felt his breath catch in his throat eventually managing to form words “How, how did you know that? I haven’t told anyone”

“I did some research” Nick confessed, looking guilty “Don’t take it personally, I looked into Johns and Digger’s backgrounds too. We’re supposed to be a team, I wanted to find out more about what makes you guys tick and what could potentially throw you off balance. I needed to know how to deal with and help you if you stumbled. You’re probably used to being the one to take care of everyone as the Doc but someone needs to be able to take care of you too”

Kelly just looked at him, he really wasn’t sure what to do with that or the ache that developed inside his chest.

“I asked around and looked into a few things, didn’t take me long to find out about a ten year old, orphaned on a stormy night in Colorado. There’s not many Kelly Abbotts out there who fit the age and location”

Kelly signed “I wasn’t hiding it I just…I dunno, I suppose I just didn’t want to be defined by it anymore” he trailed off, confused why he was even trying to defend this.

“Doc, you don’t have to keep anything from us. We’re a team, your shit is our shit just like our shit is your’s now too”

“I’m fine Nick” Kelly knew Nick wouldn’t believe him, hell a blind person wouldn’t have believed the voice he’d just spoken with

“That may be so” Nick started obviously humouring him as he sat down next to him on the curb in front of the house they shared “But still It’s okay to cry sometimes y’no, it doesn’t make you weak”

“I’m not weak” letting out a huff of breath Kelly turned to look at Nick “How’s Ty’s eye?”

“Ty’ll be fine, think it’s his pride that took the hit more” Nick gave him a lopsided smile “And I know you’re not weak, I wasn’t saying you were. I was just pointing out that it’s okay to express your emotions like this. It’s okay to grieve”

“It’s a bit late to still be grieving don’t you think?” Kelly let his head hang as he stared at the ground

“It’s never too late, trust me”

“I do” Kelly replied, sniffing and wiping at his eyes, tears hadn’t fallen yet but it could tell it wasn’t for lack of trying on their part

“You’re not alone” Nick said, shifting closer and wrapping his arm around Kelly’s shoulders “We all grieve for something”

Kelly tilted his head to look at Nick’s face, green eyes met him with a look that could only be called supportive “Thought your parents were still alive?”

“They are” Nick shrugged “Doesn’t mean I don’t grieve for the father I never had”

Kelly leaned into Nick’s side, trying to show some support despite how broken he currently felt.

Ty had given him a very brief warning when he’d joined Sidewinder a couple of months back. No major details just basic rundown of the rest of the team. He’d expected as much as their medic. Ty had gone over the medical aspects – who was allergic to what (mainly his own, Kelly had had to write a list of ‘what not to give Ty’ on the inside of his medkit since the list was that long) who was currently recovering from what recent injuries, who had prolonged issues etc – he’d then gone on to mention that Nick had had a rough childhood at the hands of his father. No details just a gentle warning that he could possibly be triggered if the wrong buttons were pushed. Kelly had met enough abused kids while he was in the foster system to know the how to deal with the fallout. He knew when to pay Nick close attention

Letting out a breath slowly he rested his head against Nick’s shoulder, not really caring what they must look like. He was a hugger, he liked contact with people and right now he just needed to be held until he felt willing to take on the world again. Nick seemed content to be there, offering all the support Kelly needed to get through this.

“Bet Ty’s pissed” Kelly spoke after a few minutes of contemplative silence

“He’s not mad at you” Nick reassured “He understands”

“Glad someone does because I sure as hell don’t” Kelly sighed again “I shouldn’t have done that”

“Forget about it, Ty won’t hold this against you, they’re good people. We all get why we’re here and understand that everyone has their own demons. We’re here to support you Doc, just as much as you’re here to fix us”

Nick squeezed his shoulder again before standing up “Come back inside whenever you’re ready” Nick stood up, brushing the grit off his sweatpants, he offered Kelly a warm smile “Eli’s offered to sleep on the couch if you still want some space. I suggest you say you do even if you don’t, cause that shit doesn’t happen often”

Kelly watched Nick head back into the house. The lights filtering through the closed curtains emitting a cosy, enticing glow. Leaning back on his hands, Kelly looked up at the night sky, the stars were not as bright here but then again he did grow up in the mountains. He let all the thoughts he’d been trying to organise run freely through his head – his parents, random memories of his once happy childhood, the night that changed everything, the feeling of his stomach dropping when he heard the knock at the door that stormy night, the way his babysitter (a young local girl) broke down and the police officer who told him what had happened when he found a ten year old Kelly sitting at top of the stairs, the way the tears in the police officer’s brown eyes were the only reason Kelly believed him.

His own tears were flowing freely now, he made no attempt to conceal them.

He thought of the way Nick had looked at him not long after he’d joined the team. One day he seemed to look at Kelly with an odd look in his eyes, then he’d wordlessly patted him on the back as he passed him on route to the kitchen. It had confused Kelly at the time but then he’d observed Nick hug, pat or hair ruffle the other guys randomly so he put it to one side. He’d assumed it was just a Nickism but now, now he suspected it was after Nick had learned about Kelly’s orphan status.

He wasn’t sure how long he sat staring at the sky lost in memories but eventually he felt the ache in his wrists. Shifting, he slowly got to his feet. The heartache wasn’t as bad, it still hurt, it always would but now, now it was manageable. Brushing down his jeans and wiping at his eyes with his shirt sleeves he turned towards the house, it’s warm glow and the no doubt warm embrace of his new family.

Inspired by @alphakingonstilesboard and her amazing cut & run prompt fics I wrote a thing…based on the “Please, put it DOWN” prompt.

The blade caught the late afternoon light that filtered through the bookshops partially closed blinds, drawing all attention to it, as if his attention had been anywhere else. Zane kept his eyes on the silver blade as he slowly raised both hands, palms open to show he wasn’t concealing anything. A sharp hiss accompanied small beads of blood running down a tanned neck as the masked man shifted his position. The intruder was maneuvering to get a better grip on his hostage while turning to keep Zane fully in his sights.   

“Please, put it DOWN” Zane knew it was a long shot but what else could he say right now “Please put the knife down” he spoke loud and clearly, not wanting to sound threatening but equally not willing to take this ‘robbery attempt?’ lying down.

“You know what I’m here for” the voice was gruff and somewhat muffled by the black material covering his mouth.

The masked man fisted his hand in his hostage’s dark hair and pulled backwards, exposing more of the man’s neck, the knife biting into the skin.

Zane shifted slightly. The gun they kept under the counter was within easy reach but he wasn’t overly confident he could grab it and get the shot off before the man did some dangerous damage to his victim. Knives were tricky – he of people should know – they were intimidating and could cause a whole lot of problems not to mention mess, he really didn’t fancy spending his evening scrubbing blood from the floorboards.

“I’m assuming you’re not here for the free coffee” he drawled, he hoped to stall the man, he also hoped Ty had a plan because all the scenarios running through his head ended up with spilled blood.

Why weren’t necks better protected? One slip, a nicked artery and it was safe to assume it was game over.

“Hand it over”

“Hand what over?” Zane asked mildly amused “The money?, seriously how much do you think bookshops take in cash nowadays? Most things are charged to card” he could see the man’s bloodshot eyes widen slightly.

Zane would edge his bets that he was currently being held up by a junkie looking for some easy money for his next fix. Christ, what a fucking life. He vaguely wondered if that would have been his destiny if his life hadn’t been interrupted by the whirlwind that was Tyler Grady. The junkie realisation made the current situation that bit more dangerous, desperate and unpredictable.

“What the…” the masked man grunted, glancing down quickly before looking back up at Zane “Don’t fucking move” he warned, visibly tightening his grip on the knife, as the blade drew more blood  

Zane could just make out the back end of Cricket as the cat moved behind the man’s legs, appearing on the other side. Zane stared incredulously as Cricket proceeded to rub against the man’s ankles

“Get out of here!” the man demanded, lifting a foot back and kicking the cat away


The sound of someone else in the building obviously shocked the man and he momentarily moved the knife away from his hostage. The movement was slight but it was all Ty needed as he barreled out from behind one of the floor to ceiling bookshelfs he’d been using as cover while he observed and assessed the situation.  

“That was your second mistake” Zane supplied, watching as Ty ran full speed into the man tackling both him and their unfortunate customer to the floor.

Zane quickly side stepped around the counter and kicked the dropped knife away from the fray. Ducking left he managed to avoid a flailing foot and make a successful grab for the customer, pulling the man away from the scuffle.

“The first, numb-nuts” Ty started as he banged the guys head against the floor, before pinning him face down “Was attempting to rob a place owned by former FBI agents” the man moaned as Ty dug a knee into his back, pulling both arms backwards into an effective arm lock.

Zane couldn’t help but smirk at his husband now that the danger was over “Not to mention a protective marine” he had one hand clamped around the customer’s neck, he could feel wet beneath his fingers but from what he’d seen it wasn’t enough to be majorly concerned about “You’ll be okay, it’s just a surface scrape” he tried to reassure the man, who now that Zane had the opportunity to properly look at, was barely in his twenties. As young as he appeared to be he was remarkably calm about the whole situation, probably heading into shock

“Zane, how’s Cricket?”

“Dunno doll, little busy here”

“But Zane, she’s just a baby!”

“A baby who likes to flirt with danger apparently” Zane mumbled loud enough for Ty to hear “Bit like her daddy”

“Lone star!” Ty was practically whining now

“Fine I’ll go find her” leaving the customer propped against the wall, hand wrapped around his own neck, Zane headed in the direction of the shelfs. He paused by Ty, bending down to give Ty a quick kiss “Probably won’t though, I reckon she’s ready to graduate your SERE course”

“Fine, switch places”

Zane looked down at the complicated way Ty had wrapped himself around the intruder, effectively immobilising him face first on the ground.

“I’d rather switch places with him”

Ty just rolled his eyes “Call this in and I’ll give you a personal demonstration on all the best close quarter take down methods” as Zane reached for his phone Ty added with a lopsided grin “After you’ve found Cricket”

Zane decided he had better actually look for the cat this time, he’d be damned if he was letting either of the kittens prevent him from getting laid…again.