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The Troll King

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Okay, so a few days ago in London at the comic con there, Karl Urban answered a question about the new Star Trek and seemingly named the character of the villain. Apparently that’s been under wraps and sooper sekret, and the name Karl gave was one that an exec or writer or someone had previously claimed it definitely would not be.

So everyone’s either all KARL URBAN JUST MESSED UP thinking he slipped and said it, or they suspect Karl and JJ Abrams are trolling the Star Trek fandom. Karl hits the watch lists to see what he’ll let out next.

So then in San Diego, a reporter asked him about the slip, and Karl said that JJ had sent him something to remind him to talk only about Dredd at the con. It was this piece of tape.

But then later he told a reporter that fans would definitely be seeing footage from Star Trek, even though an exec had said comic con wouldn’t have any Star Trek footage. More speculation ensues over whether he’s trolling or just epically pissing JJ off.

Then Karl created a YouTube account and posted a video today labeled Comic Con Sneak Peek. The Trekkies went INSANE.

Turns out, it’s 4 minutes of Karl surfing, with a tiny snippet of Star Trek green screen at the end.

I didn’t think I could possibly love Karl Urban any more than I did. But I was wrong. It takes some super-sized brass balls to troll the Star Trek fandom. Bravo, you magnificent bastard, you.

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still one of the best things ive ever seen.

slaughter melon reporting for duty.


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isn’t bombegranite cucumber an actor

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