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Graduation caps

Can you please wear one of these?
Preferably like the last one 😀

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Ty x Zane: First Loves

“His last home game and he had to be carried off the field on a little cart. The next day I went to see him, tell him I was sorry. It was his left leg, full cast up to his thigh, so he couldn’t drive a stick, couldn’t get around. I felt guilty, so….” He laughed suddenly at the memory. “I wrote my phone number on his cast and told him to call me whenever he needed to go somewhere. We ended up… we spent a lot of time together. Hit it off.” 

“Was he your first?” 

“Yeah.” Ty reached up and idly twirled his finger through Zane’s hair. “His name was David.”

She looked back at him, her eyes sparkling and her hair cascading down her back in waves. 

“I promise you’ll love it.” 

Zane smiled and followed, willing to give anything a chance if it got her this excited. New Orleans was their treat to themselves for their tenth anniversary, and Becky had been looking forward to this for months.

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You told me one time that I was your compass. I gave you direction when you were lost. Well, you were my anchor. You were something solid for me to hold onto.”


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 ➤ Kelly Abbott | Sidewinder series / Cut & Run series by @abiroux

“What are you doing?” Nick asked.
“Being awesome, how about you?” Kelly drawled.