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Can it still be classified as a “ficlet” when it surpasses 2400 words? Because that’s what this monstrosity ended up doing.


was white.

That was
the first thought that popped into Zane’s head as he stared out of the window,
over the field that had been decked out for wedding. White flowers, white
chairs, white carpets, white tables.

was just so damned white.

He shouldn’t
have been surprised, though. After all, when his mother was in charge of
planning a big event, he should have expected something extremely traditional.
Even though the wedding was about as untraditional in the state of Texas as it
could possibly be.

Had someone
told Zane two years ago that his mother would have planned his second wedding –
where he would marry a man, no less – he would have laughed in their
face and most likely assumed they were completely insane. But then again, two
years ago, Beverly Carter Garrett hadn’t been introduced to Mara Grady.

hadn’t been joking when he’d said that Beverly and Mara had done a lot of
talking during those days in which the Gradys had been kept at the
Carter-Garrett ranch for protection. Mara Grady could talk sense into just
about everyone, that much had been proven when she’d successfully convinced
Beverly that the two of them should arrange a proper family wedding for their
two sons.

Despite his
mother’s progress, a part of Zane had always believed that his mother was never
actually going to go through with planning the wedding, so when he’d received a
phone call two months ago, where his mother announced that she and Mara were so
far into their planning that they needed Ty and Zane to give them a date for
the wedding.

Zane had
been so surprised that he’d nearly fallen off his chair.

However, they’d found a date, and now, two months later, the day had arrived.

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Airship Sidewinder #2: The Eyes Have It by writingabeautifuldisaster

It’s been a year since the massive sea battle that crippled Sidewinder and left the crew wondering if the Baron really died or if he’s still lurking in the skies. With a worldwide summit approaching to discuss lifting the technology bans, pirate captain Ty Grady is convinced the Baron will show and wreak his own brand of chaos on the festivities. Meanwhile, ghosts from Kelly Abbott’s past creep out of the shadows when Sidewinder receives valuable information concerning the project he was forced into as a child.

But when a new enemy enters the playing board and one of their own succumbs to his own demons, the crew of Sidewinder must make terrible decisions or risk being torn apart from the inside out.

Read book 1: tumblr, AO3

Read book 2: tumblr, AO3

[The first Kelly image and second Nick image are also edited by Tristina]
[The first Nick image is taken from one of trevalyans‘ wonderful gifs]

This! This right here is what drew me into the Cut & Run fandom! It’s also the thing that got me reading AU’s, soooo good!!

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Force of Nature: Mother Nature Furiously Spins the Earth

Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn sculpted his project Force of Nature I and II, after being a witness to the devastating destruction of hurricanes in Thailand and in the Southern United States. Constructed from bronze, stainless steel and aluminum, the work reflects nature’s perceived powerful energy, which is unpredictable, beautiful, yet dangerous. By omitting Mother Nature’s face, Quinn reminds us that there is no sense of security or protection from the Earth itself. We are not in control, sudden destruction awaits at any time.