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I regretfully must inform you that I do indeed still watch Teen Wolf, even though I am left asking myself the same exact question after every new episode, namely, “Why the fuck am I still watching this horrendous trainwreck of a show?”

And the answer is unfortunately always the same. Because I love Stiles and Dylan O’Brien too much to just abandon it while he’s still there. 

As for the finale; of course they’re going to find a way to save Mason because they need to maintain their reputation as such a “diverse” show, you know? And you know what else is gonna happen in the finale? They’re probably going to put Stiles and Malia back together because obviously that’s what that show needs; more fucked up romantic relationships between a character who is in desperate need of therapy after all the shit he’s gone through lately, and a character who makes no sense whatsoever. (Yeah, living as a wild animal for like 8 years in the woods totally makes you ready to graduate High School and enables you with the social skills, interests and desires of a normal human teenager after only a few months. Makes total sense.) 

And let’s not forget that saving Mason is also going to be vital to keeping Scott McCall the True Alpha™ the main attraction of the show because, let’s be real, Teen Wolf became The Scott McCall Show ages ago. And you can’t have the Scott McCall show without Scott McCall, Hero and True Alpha™.

There’s also going to be lots of slow motion, though I doubt the producers can top last week’s episode, where there was an actual slow motion scene of people not even doing anything. Not even moving. Because slow motion for everyone, everywhere, at all times! Oh, and I think we can definitely count on there being some form of unnecessary, uncomfortable romance thrown into the mix. Probably several scenes like that, because it is the season finale, after all, and you can’t have a Scott McCall Show season finale without the uncomfortable romance scenes, right? 

And at the end of the finale, everyone will be in love with about 600 new plotholes emerging, and God knows what not, and I’ll be left sitting there, once again asking myself why I put myself through the horrendous torture that is watching Teen Wolf every single week. 

Then awaits a blissful period of several months of no Teen Wolf, in which I will still be praying to everything there is to pray to that someone, for the love of Derek Hale, will either make Stiles pack up all his shit and the Sheriff, and abandon Beacon Hills and everyone in it for good because Beacon Hills doesn’t deserve the Stilinskis, and Teen Wolf doesn’t deserve Dylan O’Brien and Linden Ashby, so I can stop watching this shit. Or that the people in charge will finally, finally, come to their senses and make season 6 the last ever season of The Scott McCall, True Alpha™, show and put us all out of our misery.

And as a final note; I really fucking miss Derek Hale.

This turned into a full-fledged rant. I’m sorry. I have a lot of rage about Teen Wolf.

Yeah, I’m kinda glad I quit watching once Hoechlin left.

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