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Metal bands per 1 million people in Europe.

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This was the map i was talking about recently. Can’t remember if it was you @raininginadelaideI was talking to but this is it 😛

I always forget how great loud music makes me feel. I’ve been having a fairly good day, got some sorting done and sat down to do some writing. Decided to put some background tunes on, ended up using headphones so I could have some loud background tunes and suddenly it’s two hours later, I’ve got 1.6K words and a shit ton of energy.

I ❤ music! today’s writing has been sponsored by Rev Theory (a new find) and in an effort to make this pointless post less pointless have a selfie (I can only apologise for my face :P)

I don’t do selfies…see this is what loud music does to me…

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Rules: Using only the song names from one artist, answer these questions. Tag 10 people at the end.

Not tagged but nabbed from @moonblossom as I’m killing time and ❤ music memes

Artist: Dope

What is your gender:  I am
How do you feel: Fuck the World
Favorite mode of transportation: March of Hope
Favorite time of day: Now or Never
If your life was a tv show, what would it be called: Take Your Best Shot
What is life to you: Another Day Goes By
Relationship status:  Nothing for Me
Your fear: I am Nothing

Since I wasn’t tagged I’m not tagging, but if you see this and wanna play, ‘ave at it…might have to try this again with a different band later 🙂

12 weeks m/

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12 weeks time and I’ll be in the middle of this…exciting times!  


(line up poster taken from

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You can tell a lot about a person from their music. hit shuffle on your iPod, mp3 player, etc. and put the first 10 songs!
One rule, no skipping! Tag people and pass it on!

No technically tagged but nabbed from @jmp7095

1. Devils Son – DevilDriver
2. Humans Being – Van Halen
3. Rock City – Emigrate (feat. Lemmy)
4. Giving Up – Emigrate
5. Butterfly – Crazytown 
6. Born in Sin – Virgins O.R Pigeons
7. Becoming Insane – Infected Mushroom
8. BOUNCE – System of a Down
9. Song of the Martyr – Imperative Reaction
10. It’s Goin’ Down – The X-Ecutioners (feat. Linkin Park & Wayne Static)

I used my ‘car tunes’ folder on shuffle – basically all the songs that are on the USB stick that lives in my car – rather than my iPod, since I tend to skip most iPod songs.  

Tagging: Anyone with the means to play along 🙂


Why the heck isn’t Nordic Metal known as RagnaRock?



am i the only one who keeps concert tickets or 

i mean you cannot just throw them away they have feelings too

and wristbands from the venue too

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XP/98 remix

The problem with my favourie (now closed 😥 ) club night using Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance as the ‘kick out’ song is that when ever I hear it now I’m conditioned to down whatever I’m drinking and get ready to leave…even when I’m sat at home O.o