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Just wanted to post to say that I’ve been MIA over the weekend due to being at download festival – which has since been dubbed ‘drown-load’ after the epic amounts of rain…wish I was kidding. 

Despite the rain and the mud had a fab weekend – Rammstein by far my favourite, also enjoyed Korn, Skindred (discovered another use for my Buff – Newport helicopter!), Iron Maiden, Megadeath, & Disturbed to name but a few – the only downside was missing half of Sunday due to being stuck in an unholy amount of traffic 

So yeah I’ve not been able to keep up with things on here so if I’ve missed anything important with y’all please let me know!! Please & Thank you 😀

Here’s a picture for the random – I’m happy honest, I’m not in waterproofs…yet. The band in the background is Sixx:am


I always forget how great loud music makes me feel. I’ve been having a fairly good day, got some sorting done and sat down to do some writing. Decided to put some background tunes on, ended up using headphones so I could have some loud background tunes and suddenly it’s two hours later, I’ve got 1.6K words and a shit ton of energy.

I ❤ music! today’s writing has been sponsored by Rev Theory (a new find) and in an effort to make this pointless post less pointless have a selfie (I can only apologise for my face :P)

I don’t do selfies…see this is what loud music does to me…

Here’s the pic I promised you @alphakingonstilesboard 

Wanted to wear something cybery to a con so cybered up Loki – I’ve worn this to Thought Bubble and MCM London