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After receiving the best surprise Christmas present from an amazing pair of wonderful people not to mention awesome artists @unassumingpumpkin & @tenbandits – I commissioned them to draw me another…she arrived this morning!!


This is Kat, another of my OC’s from the same world as Spyder. Below is Spyder just to show how good they look together….they are definitely not ‘together’ in fact they don’t much like each other…least not at first ^^  


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So anyone who follows me will probably have realised that I’ve actually started using this thing ‘properly’ now. This was mainly due to MCM London and meeting some awesome people there…

..anyway I figured I should probably contribute something ~ and work out how to do this posting malarky ~ so have a photo of the dread-falls I’ve just made, inspired by (aka ‘finally got around to making’) some of the awesome hair I saw at Download Festival this past weekend