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If I have to be subjected to sexy Tubbs so do the rest of you


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Bucky with Billy the Kitten

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The Money Tubbs only comes around every 5628 seconds. Reblog the Money Tubbs and you’ll find money!

I fucking wish



why do neko atsume cats have power levels all they do is chill in my yard who are they fighting

apparently stronger cats have the ability to kick out weaker cats if they want the same toy omg what kind of violence goes on while i am not watching

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Joe DiMeowgio – Just set out the baseball and wait. Joe is an easy kitty to please.

Guy Furry – Either the glass flower vase or the heater stove will attract this cooking cat.

Conductor Whiskers – Alls you need for this cat is the here-and-there rail.

Saint Puttrick – Get this cat by placing either the Kotatsu or the Silk Crepe Pillow. 

Tubbs – I’m sure everyone is aware of how to get Tubbs, but for those who aren’t all you need to do is lay out food and wait. 

Ms. Fortune – She will come to visit once you have placed a Cardboard House.

Bob the Cat – This adventurer will come when you place the Cat Metropolis. 

Mr. Meowgi – Either place the Sakura Pillow, the Scratching Log, or both to attract this cat. 

Lady Meow-Meow – Purchase the Luxurious Hammock and have Sashimi out, and you’ll see this cat come around. 

Kathmandu – This cat comes around when the Temari Ball is placed.

Sassy Fran – Find this kitty inside of the Cardboard Cafe. Attract her by placing Sashimi or Ritzy Blitz. 

Xerxes IX – This esteemed kitty requires the Zanzibar Cushion. He likes Sashimi.

Chairman Meow – This kitty will come to play with an Earthenware Pot.

Ramses the Great – Find this cat by placing the Tent (Pyramid). The higher quality the food, the better.

Billy the Kitten – This cat is attracted by the Cowboy Hat. He enjoys the Thrifty Blitz food.

Senor Don Gato – You can find this cat by placing a Mister Mouse. 

Frosty – Find this kitty by placing the Snowy Pillow, Marble Pad, or Tent (Blizzard).  She is attracted to Sashimi. 

I hope this helps everyone out on their hunts for rare cats!