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Today it is 5 years since the worst attacks on Norwegian soil since the second world war. A right-wing terrorist placed a bomb near government buildings and killed 8 people. Right after he went to Utøya, an island where a political youth camp held place, where he killed 69 people and injured even more.

Here are are all 77 victims.


In the days following the attacks, the song “Mitt lille land” covered by Maria Mena became popular and has later become a song that represents this time of shock and horror that the people of Norway felt.

All over Norway, people gathered in memory of the lives lost in “rosetog” (rose marches) where thousands of people put down roses and lights in honour of the victims.


The biggest rose march was on July 25th in Oslo, where as many as 200.000 people gathered.


Norway is a small country and it was said that as many as 1 in 5 Norwegians were directly or indirectly affected by this tragedy.

If you want to watch a documentary about the attacks, I recommend the following two:

“En liten øy i verden” (This is in Norwegian only) 

“BBC This World – Norway’s massacre”


So let’s take a moment today to remember not only the victims, but what the victims were exercising: democracy, freedom of speech and tolerance. ❤


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