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Ty shifted around to reach his phone again, and Zane heard him flip it open to find some example texts to read out loud. “The one he sent me on the way home said, at my funeral it’ll be your job to throw yourself on my casket and weep. And the one he just sent me, he says, false alarm, still invincible. No idea what he was doing that he thought he might die. The one before that was for future reference a lint roller appears to be the best way to get glitter out of a beard.

-Divide & Conquer

for writingabeautifuldisaster – Happy Birthday Tristina ❤

Nicko appreciation post …


I am so, so sorry for how long it’s taken me to fill this, and for my general absence in terms of Cut & Run ficlets lately. Most of my time has gone into uni and work, and I simply haven’t had the time and energy to sit down and write anything. Hopefully this makes up for the wait, though. 

(Amazing prompt, by the way. Thank you for sending it to me, darling! <3) 


“God dammit,

Ty’s voice
echoed through the forest, the sound carrying so heavily that Kelly wouldn’t be
surprised if the people at the diner they’d stopped at a few hours prior to
could actually hear it, even over the pouring rain and the howling winds.

crawled to the opening of the tent, pulling the zipper down and peeking his
head out into the rain. Somewhere behind him, Nick snorted, and Kelly had to
resist the urge to kick at him.

“You guys doing okay?” Kelly asked, raising his voice to make sure that
he could be heard over the rain pounding against the wet ground of the forest
and the loud winds ruffling the trees that surrounded the clearing they’d
decided to set up camp in.

Ty’s head whipped around at the sound of Kelly’s voice, and he shot the
man a glare with such heat that it was a miracle it didn’t burn a hole straight
through Kelly’s forehead.

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“Special Agent in Charge Garrett here.”

“Well, aren’t we fancy,” Kelly teased

Nick shook his head.  “Hey, Garrett, it’s O’Flaherty.  And the Doc, obviously.”

“Oh God, what now?  Are you in jail?  Being held by the IRA?  Stuck on a reef in the Caribbean?”

“Wow,” Kelly said.  “That’s uncalled for.”

Zane laughed.  “I thought being engaged to Ty gave me some extra snark privileges”

“Hey!”  Nick shouted.  “Do I come running when you need help?  Did I get shoved off the edge of a cliff for your ungrateful ass?  Does my boat still have bullet holes in it?”

“It still floats,” Zane countered, a smirk obvious in his voice.

                                         ~ Cross & Crown (Kindle loc. 839), Abigail Roux


First & Last: Cut & Run series, Zane + Sidewinder


We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again


Cut & Run / Sidewinder Series by @abiroux



So abiroux and I agreed to work on a project together~ 

I hope you guys enjoy this! There are more illustrations to come~ 

  • Characters © Cut & Run/ Sidewinder by Abigail Roux

Edited Nick and Kels!