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me: *sees a sweet caring courageous character* you’re gonna be my favourite

me: *sees a sarcastic apathetic trashbag character* you’re also gonna be my favourite

And this is how OTP’s are formed

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List of my gay OTPs: 

List of my canon gay OTPs: 

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Twinkle, twinkle OTP

Oh, what have you done to me?

Used to be a little ship

Now I need to get a grip

Twinkle, twinkle OTP

T H E R E   I S   N O   W A Y   T O   B E   F R E E

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I want all of it. Your sleepy mumbling. Your drunken embarrassment. Your silly faces. Your anger. Your dance moves. Your anxiety. Your apologies. Your sadness. Your stern looks. Your claustrophobia. Your exasperated tone. Your frustrations. Your past. I want all of it. I want all of you.