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Future Me is constantly fucked over by Present Me, who should have learned after being fucked over by Past Me


Taurus: eats all the time and lives in a blanket fort

Gemini: the worst human being. The absolute worst.

Cancer: whiny as fuck for no reason, total emo, probably crying on a bench in a rose garden rn

Leo: bossy and aggressive, will punch you in the guts during sex

Virgo: must. organize. must. study. must. analyze.

Libra: everybody loves a libra, you could kill like ten innocent people then go “I’m a libra!” in court and they’d let you go

Scorpio: shady fuck-machines

Saggitaurus: The Winner™

Capricorn: grumpy old man, always pissed and distant

Aquarius: ????

Pisces: so CREATIVE oh my GOD you are so ARTISTIC