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Water Sculptures by German artist Malgorzata Chodakowska

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Snowflake 19: Winter’s Tale by Bianca Morelos

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Snowflake 10: Ocean’s Kingdom by Bianca Morelos




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Lake Minnewanka

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MCU Meme // One of Four Locations

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I’m kinda expecting the petals to arrange themselves into a humanoid and walk up to the camera person to give them a message of grave importance from a sorceress

I want to stand in the middle of this and tell people that the world is ending.

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💙 Invisible Forces on 500px by Romain Matteï, Barcelona, Spain
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Viridian Dawn  –  –  –  –  –

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Whimsical Quilled Paper Designs by Sena Runa

Istanbul-based artist Sena Runa creates stunning quilled paper designs, which lend themselves to colorful compositions and a quirky imagination. Composed of a multitude of vibrant hues and pastels Runa’s pieces are the basis of intricate geometric designs, which are installed into larger figures.

Mainly constructed from a variety of different shaped circles, she proves to have a knack for color theory and composition. Each hue complements the swirl and movement of each shred of paper.

After developing her untapped talent, Runa quickly quit her job in HR to pursue her artistry full-time. Her unique and swoon-worthy technique has gained popularity for its beauty. You can buy her paper sculptures in her Etsy shop.

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Testing a new sketchbook that wasn’t very good haha;;;. I wish the paper was better on moleskine art-plus sketchbooks. there’s a weird wax on the edges….

PS. I used a toothbrush to flick on the white paint for the stars. 

Tools: Windsor & Newton gouache, Talens Japan watercolour. i’m not gonna put the sketchbook cause i definitely do NOT recommend it lol. 

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