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It’s nice to know that I can still pass as one 😛

Due to a ‘well’ timed meeting today I realised I won’t be getting a coffee break, couldn’t let that happen so called to Starbucks on the way in.

The filter took a bit to boil so cue some small talk ‘are you a student?’ My answer was laughter and ‘far from it’ I told her I was 31 and she nearly hit the floor.

I know I look young but it’s nice to hear I can still pull the look off sleep deprived and less than an hour after crawling out of bed 🙂

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I’ve just rediscovered Guitar Hero…good bye bank holiday weekend, hello severe finger cramp!! m/

Today I got asked if I wanted to do a half marathon….I think my laughter was response enough.

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I find it highly ironic and amusing that Kelly Abbott’s ‘life’ was saved due to @abiroux‘s friend quitting smoking…Kelly Abbott, a character who smokes 😛

I changed jobs a couple of years ago and I remember my old supervisor telling me the new job would be good for my confidence –  it involves a lot more interaction with, well strangers really.  

It also involves a lot more phone calls and I must say she was right! I’ve just rang up my car insurance to get a better deal (managed to save £100) and have realised that I didn’t have to ‘psych myself up’ before hand and I managed to question stuff I wasn’t sure about. Also think the call went well so I’m not reliving it in my head over and over 

*is proud* 

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Yaaay, I’m off work until Easter Monday! first thing I’m doing is nipping to ASDA to buy snacky junk food. Then it’s fresh bedding time so that I can enjoy the Hell out of some up coming ‘sleep ins’

Also on the cards for the next two weeks is – an IKEA mission, furniture building, hurting myself building furniture. Having an epic sort out of the crap I own at my parents, moving said (keepable) crap to my flat oh and writing something about a coma….  

2, 4, 29, 68, 74.

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  • 2:do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintery day? Think I’m indifferent to this. Don’t like my face being too cold but like to be able to snuggle into a scarf 🙂
  • 4:how do you take your coffee/tea? Coffee – just a bit of milk/whitener/cream. Tea – it depends on the type, if ‘regular’ a tiny amount of milk. Other tea types just as it is nothing added. 

  • 29:what’s something really cute that one of your friends does and is totally endearing?  When one friend is about to sneeze her hands ball up and shake until the sneeze happens. It’s like this massive build up to a very tiny noise. Also if you stop her hands moving she can’t sneeze 
  • 68:what’s winter like where you live? North England so – wet and generally cold. If we do get a bit of snow the country shuts down because we’re ridiculous.
  • 74:describe a good friend of yours without using their name or gendered pronouns. This person had been a good friend since I smiled at them on the first day of Uni – we’ve been through some epic times as well as some emotional ones and they’re one of the strongest people I know. Former drinking buddy who turned into des (designated driver). Always willing to drop everything not just for me but for everyone they know. Cares about people and makes every effort to just be there.

    Not sure if that’s the type of answer the question’s is asking for or does it mean more of a – height, race, hair/eye colour, identifying features etc answer??