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Managed to get some geekery into work today.

My supervisor was writing a fake email from a Doctor that’s going to be shown to interviewees next week for them to respond to as a ‘pre-interview test’ – after asking my opinion on it I commented that the sender should be called McCoy…because I found it amusing and she agreed (she’s heard my squeeing for the new film)

So next week candidates are going to sit in an interview and respond to an email from Dr McCoy….they should get bonus points if they clock the reference 😛    

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my fucking god…..

somebody shoot me

“Even though I voted to leave, this morning I woke up and I just — the reality did actually hit me,” one woman told the news channel ITV News. “If I’d had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay.”

The term ‘I’m surrounded by idiots’ as never been more accurate right now

So yeah….some political stuff has been happening over here (I’m in one of the few places to vote remain) and it’s been an odd environment ever since, especially yesterday at work. I work in an NHS hospital so you can probably figure out what that was like. One of my colleagues said everyone was being nicer then normal, verbal greetings in corridors etc. I just felt that everyone was trying to remain in their own little bubbles and crack on as normal.

Haven’t a clue how this is going to pan out. I have everything crossed that something good will come of it all – kinda wishing I’d bought my $$ before the £ took a nosedive but hey-ho here’s hoping it goes up again before Florida.  

So I’m going to Florida later this year (exciting times!! I’ve never been before so super excited to do ALL the Disney stuff, I don’t care if I’m 31) and pretty much every purchase I’m making atm needs to be related to it…I’m amazed by what I can argue is ‘for Florida’ 😛

The other week I bought a swimming costume and tonight for the first time in 12 years I went swimming…Going to be sooo sore tomorrow, one length and I was knackered, still I’m an idiot so did 32 of them…but I’m super proud of myself. Not for the swimming part nope, for the wearing my costume in public part – pretty sure I have body dysmorphia, I’m not massive I know this but I see what I see. And looking back I’m also sure this was a reason I gave up swimming when I was 11. 

So yeah, wore a costume in public, swam loads, gunna hurt later but least I can get the ‘new swimming muscle’ pain out the way before hitting the water parks in Florida and I’d also like to accomplish my side goal – to not feel anxious about people seeing me in my costume!

I always forget how great loud music makes me feel. I’ve been having a fairly good day, got some sorting done and sat down to do some writing. Decided to put some background tunes on, ended up using headphones so I could have some loud background tunes and suddenly it’s two hours later, I’ve got 1.6K words and a shit ton of energy.

I ❤ music! today’s writing has been sponsored by Rev Theory (a new find) and in an effort to make this pointless post less pointless have a selfie (I can only apologise for my face :P)

I don’t do selfies…see this is what loud music does to me…



Just wanted to post a quick message for anyone keeping an eye out for a loooong overdue C&R fic from me *cough*goddamn hero part 3*cough* – I am working on it I promise! 

Life kinda got in the way a bit (nothing serious but anxiety filled and distracting) and I’m struggling to get back to writing. That said I know what’s most likely going to happen I just need to assemble the right words, hopefully sometime soon. So sorry for the delay 😦 

Flipping yes!! Appreciate you letting us know. Great fic is great!!

Thank you for the lovely words and support! You guys are all awesome!! @annalistically, @mahmah-tee, @comedancewithmezane, @jmp7095 @drumsmerd <3!

…I’m not complaining 😛

So not only was Karl Urban announced as being in the next Thor film (fuckin yesss!) but there was that Star Trek fan event which led to a new ‘Bones heavy’ trailer (eeeeeee!) – after catching up on all that I’ve decided to actually make a start on sorting some stuff out I’ve been putting off, tunes are required.

There’s a Podcast I listen to to get my ‘cybery’ EBM fix – first song up – loadsa sound bites of Urban as Dredd