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Okay, if Gryffindor is the house of doing stupid, maybe dangerous things because it’s fun, Slytherin is the house of doing the same things because fuck you, Sarah, don’t tell me what not to do

And Ravenclaws do stupid, dangerous things sometimes because SCIENCE!!

Hufflepuffs do stupid, dangerous things because our friends are doing it and SOMEONE responsible better be involved

You know, this description actually makes sorting a hell of a lot easier.


All houses are good. Mine’s just better.

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i wonder if there’s a correlation between your Hogwarts house and which side you chose for civil war so reblog this and add your house and side in the tags

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Reblog if you’re a proud SLYTHERIN!

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I’m a Slytherin, but I have very few Slytherin friends. Most my friends are actually Hufflepuffs, since Hufflepuffs are one of the few houses who see the person and not the house. Puffs don’t discriminate against snakes like me just because we’re the ‘bad house’ or the ‘death eaters’. They see us for who we are, and that’s why I consider Hufflepuff to be the best house.

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something that really bothers me about tumblr is that they try to make slytherin’s the “edgy rebels.” 

the slytherin house values/stands for traditionalism. they aren’t going to be getting tattoos or dying their hairs crazy colors. they are going to be polished. wearing heels, wearing satin and lace, have freshly painted nails, wear heels the click against the pavement, wear tailored suits with ties. they are going to have eyeliner so on point and sharp that it could cut through glass.

they aren’t the type to wear combat boots, be edgy, get tattoos, or dye their hair crazy colors. sure, there are exceptions to every rule.. but slytherin’s are the type to have classy wine parties. they are resourceful because they have people skills, they know how to get what they want in a subtle way. they are sneaky and cunning when they want to be. they are polished, and they will follow the rules they want to follow. if they break the rules, it will be quietly. they won’t make a loud statement, they will only make a quiet statement that makes you wonder, “how did that even happen?”

they are a class act. always keeping people on their toes, and always making them think they’re innocent. 

they are like a snake. quiet, sneaky, and they appear cold on the outside.. when really they just want to protect their own. they are quiet, but they’re deadly. it is their mascot for a reason. all the houses mascots represent the people in those houses.

gryffindors are a lion because they charge, they are loud when crossed. they make loud statements by breaking rules or creating them. they want justice. they are like a lioness protecting their cubs when their values are crossed. they roar. 

hufflepuffs are a badger, because badgers are underestimated. they are fierce creatures and badass, but they look cute on the outside. they will be loyal and fight for what they believe in until the very end. 

and ravenclaws are eagles because eagles represent freedom. ravenclaws are all about free expression. eagles also represent wisdom. it shows that you can fly and be free, but you can also see things in the sky others can’t see. 

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Hogwarts Houses’ Forest Aesthetics
“Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus.”
[never tickle a sleeping dragon]

-JK Rowling

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Happy Slytherin Pride Sock Sunday 💕