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So remember a short while ago when I was begging forgiveness for taking forever getting part 3 of the coma Cut & Run fic done?

My excuse at the time was – something distracting and anxiety filled – it was a job application & interview. I got offered the job, this lead to more aaaarrrrrrgh while the vetting process was being done not to mention epic secret keeping. Anyhoo it’s all done now, officially been offered it and today worked my last day for the NHS (bringing my total service there to 8 years)

I have a week of annual leave now to try and relax (ha!) before starting in my new job which is pretty much all I’ve wanted to do and related to my degree. It might have taken a 9 year detour through a night club and the NHS but I’ve actually gotten to where I want to be (hopefully)….it still doesn’t feel real O.o