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Ty smiled, eyes bright. Then his expression fell and he smacked Zane’s chest. “Why didn’t I know you can draw?”

“What? ”

“I saw your painting. And Annie said you do charcoal sketches.”


“You are going to draw me something, and you’re going to do it tonight.”

Zane laughed. “What?”

“You should draw me a tattoo!”

Zane raised an eyebrow, arrested by the thought. He hadn’t drawn in years, hadn’t even thought of it, but the idea of using Ty’s skin as a canvas was appealing in so many ways. “I might have to do that,” he rasped.

Stars & Stripes, Abigail Roux, Kindle location 1634. (via turtlycute)

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Don’t matter who you love, son,” he said. “As long as you do it well.

~Chester, “Stars & Stripes” Abigail Roux (via laughingirisheyes)

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It had also been one of the most romantic moments of his life. He would never be able to top Ty’s off-the-cuff romance with anything he planned ahead of time. He intended to spend the rest of his life trying, though.

Stars & Stripes, Abigail Roux (Chapter 3)

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He scrolled through the photo roll, surprised at the homesickness that came over him as he looked at picture after picture of him and Ty. Most of them were taken from arm’s length, with Ty in his aviators and Zane smiling like someone who hadn’t been broken by life.

Stars & Stripes, Abigail Roux (Chapter 3)

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12 Days of Minion Christmas 2012: Day 1 – Stars & Stripes

Do you remember the moment when:

– Ty and Zane kissed at what they thought was an empty sidewalk?

– Ty almost used Zane’s knee as an armrest at work?

– Chester asked Ty where his “damn fool partner” was as soon as he saw him?

– Ty almost got lost in Zane’s smile?

– Ty called Zane “darlin’”? (Not quite sure if it’s the first time in the series)

– Clancy sent Zane a photo of Ty covered in condiments? (maybe she has her suspicions about the true nature of their relationship)

– Zane reminisced about their weekend trip in Virginia Beach to celebrate Ty’s birthday?

– Zane kissed Ty while bending him backward? (And Ty loves it when Zane does it to him)

– Ty and Zane had phone sex? hmmmmm

– and car sex? hmmmmm… yeah

– Zane’s Texan accent came out and it drove Ty crazy? (in a verrrry good way)

– it was mentioned that Ty and Zane are starting to pick up each other’s mannerisms?

– we all found out that Zane could draw & paint? *swoon*

– Ty’s knife cut through his cast? aka the foreplay leading to the reverse!cowboy sex

– Zane got annoyed at Ty for agreeing to go to the pub instead of going back home with him to have sex? lol

– Zane gave Ty his Stetson and held his hand on the way to the pub?

– Mark called Zane out for undressing Ty with his eyes?

– Ty and Zane had sex in a utility closet?

– Annie caught them coming out of said closet? lol

– Harrison was watching Zane teach Ty how to rope a saddle horn, and decided that Ty had Zane wrapped around his finger? awww

– Ty told Zane that his ass hurts? (although for a completely different reason this time)

– and Zane said that his “ass hurts too” back?

– Zane found out information about Ty’s past from Mark, and decided he didn’t care?

– Ty told Annie that he loves Zane “very much”?

– Ty woke up from being unconscious and the first word out of his mouth was Zane’s name?

– we all thought Zane was going to propose?

– when Zane kissed Ty infront of everyone at her mother’s annual BBQ thing-y?

– when Zane told Ty that he was “ready for anything?” before they left Ty’s parents’ house? Oh, Zane… judging from the T&G snippets, I sure hope so.