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I was tagged by @stilesisbi-au  <3!

nickname: I get ‘Kel’ sometimes but that’s about it

star sign: Aquarius

height: No idea, probably around 5′3′’ maybe, a shorty when compared to most 

time right now: 20:31

last thing you googled: Erm I remember google mapping my hotel in Disney recently, not sure if it’s the last thing I looked for though

favourite music artist: Rammstein are my long term fave’s though right now I’m loving Rev Theory

song stuck in your head: Hell Yeah – Rev Theory

last movie you watched: ‘Heaven’ possibly, can’t really recall

last tv show you watched: ‘Ship to Shore’ yes the early 90′s Aussie show that was on Nickelodeon – I’ve been working my way through old VHS’s that I taped of the telly to see if they’re worth hanging onto, so nostalgic!

what are you wearing right now: HAHAHAHA oh god, some amazing post work comfortness – pinkish/purple cropped pj bottoms, Harry Potter socks, army green tank top and a massive Rammstein hoodie from their 2002 European tour – I should point out that I did not see this tour, in fact this hoodie isn’t even mind. I found it behind the bar I used to work in (back in 2008) and put it on cos I was cold – no one ever claimed it. I have no idea who it belongs to but it’s hella comfy  

when did you create your blog: Archive says……January 2011

what kind of stuff do you post?: Pretty space pictures, Cut & Run related stuff, Karl Urban, Chris Pine and occasionally Jeremy Renner, Star Trek, some McKirk and anything else that catches my eye or I relate too

do you have other blogs?: On here nope – do have Twitter and LJ (hardly use but look at flist)

do you get asks on a regular basis: Nope

why did you choose your url?: One of my managers (at McHell yrs ago) nicknamed me and my mate the ‘Twinkle Twins’ and called me the ‘Dark’ one since I was more Gothy than my mate. When I made my LJ back in 2006 I chose Darktwinkle based on this.  

I’m going to tag @daisy-is-not-a-flower  @mahmah-tee @lovefushsia @marathonmary @jmp7095 & @raininginadelaide (only if you want to guys!) along with anyone else that wants to give this ago 🙂

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Tag 9 people you want to get to know better!
Tagged by @lovefushsia thanking you! 🙂
Relationship Status: Single
Dogs or Cats: ummm cats I suppose if I had to pick
Coke or Pepsi: either, I’m not fussy.
Day or Night: Night, probably
Text or Call: Text
Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick (my lips are far too cracked to wear lipstick)
Favorite Colour: atm it’s cobalt blue
Pets: none, never really head them growing up either
Wake Up Time: On a work day 06:50-07:00 on a day off it’s generally when ever I roll out of bed, mostly it’s about 08:30-09:00ish 

I’m not tagging, but if you see this an wanna join in consider yourself tagged! 😛

Tagged by @mahmah-tee ~ thank you 🙂

Rules: click on the ‘explore’ button (between the ‘Dash’ and ‘Inbox’ button and you’ll get to the Recommended For You page. Now write down (or insert a picture of) your Recommended Searches. And then tag the first ten people in your message box 🙂

Fairly boring but could have been worse, I guess 😛

And here’s a bonus one since I accidentally ended up on that page again when looking for my ‘likes’ and realised it was different 

Tagging (only if you want to):   @alphakingonstilesboard@daisy-is-not-a-flower, @lovefushsia, @moonblossom, @inconocible – I don’t have 10 people in my messages so yeah, anyone else who wants to join in feel free 🙂

Not the Selfie Tag!

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Oooo first time I’ve ever been tagged in something. Thank you @alphakingonstilesboard 

Name: Kelly

Nickname: ‘Kel’ I suppose, never really had a nickname, but a few people call me that parents included. 

Star sign: Aquarius

Gender: Female

Height: 5′2′’ or 5′3′’ maybe. I have no idea, haven’t been officially measured in years but I know people who insist they’re 5′2′’ and I can see over there heads. I’m British, we use foot. 

Favourite colours: Cobalt Blue & neons probably 

Time right now: 13:04

Current location: West Yorkshire, England

Average hours of sleep: haha! I’d guess 4/5 maybe, generally start ‘trying to sleep’ about 01:30-02:00 and wake up at 06:45 on work days. Sleep longer on non-work days

Lucky numbers: 24, 33, always liked these for some reason (24th being my birth date) doubt they’re lucky though.

Last thing I googled: “currency converter” I think

Number of blankets I sleep with: Just one duvet. I do have a knitted blanket (a proper Weasley looking blanket thing) that I sometimes use as well.

Favourite books: The ‘Cut & Run’ and ‘Sidewinder’ Series – pretty much the only thing I can think of right now (seriously it’s all consuming) – Harry Potter will also forever be a firm favourite and I love everything by Neil Gaiman.

Dream job: Would love to work in forensics 

What I’m wearing right now: Dark jeans, ‘Grumposaur’ t-shirt & fluffy slipper socks 

When did you create this blog: January 2011 – I then failed to use it for years. Have only recently started to use tumblr ‘properly’ if that’s even a concept with this site ^^

What do you post about: Anything that catches my eye. Most of it’ll be Cut Run related atm. 

What made you decide to get a Tumblr: I think it was to follow an artist friend and other people from LJ. My first post on here says I did it to reserve my username 😛

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nope, in fact I think I’ve had a grand total of one out the blue.

Why did you choose your URL: It’s the username I go by on LJ (and everywhere else for that matter except twitter where it’s ‘dark_twinkle’). Been using the name since 2006 (wow I feel bloody old now) The origin of it is basically down to an old work manager. He called me and a friend the ‘Twinkle Twins’ for some reason, we decided that I was the ‘dark’ one as I was more ‘gothy’ aka wore black, lots of piercings listened to metal etc.   

I’m going to tag anyone who sees and want’s to do this, as I don’t feel like I know anyone well enough to bug them with a tag ^^