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Posted: May 30, 2016 in Uncategorized
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*it starts raining*
me: yes
*lighting appears*
me: yES
*thunders explode*
me: YES
*raining intensifies*


i literally wear the same three outfits every week i’m only a tier or two above a cartoon character it makes me sad

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phone: starts ringing from an unknown number
me: waits for it to stop while feeling very stressed

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*goes to sleep around 1:30am instead of 3:30am* i am the epitome of health and wellness look at me managing my sleep schedule and going to bed EARLY like a functional member of society!

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Sometimes I have trouble spelling a word close enough for spell check to correct it

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me: is stressed about a million different things i have to do

me: stresses all day and does nothing 

me: continues to stress so much about not having done anything that i can’t do anything.