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Washing machines should have a “shit unlock the door, there’s something that shouldn’t in there” button.


you are not alone.

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I have never seen a series or film where two characters share a first name but this happens all the time in real life.

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Catching up on Tumblr is like reading a book backwards. You get all the nuanced references and reactions far before you have any idea what the fuck anyone is talking about.




the worst!!! thing!!! is having certain names POISONED for you……every time you hear That Name your gut twists and you feel sick and unsettled or angry

This reminds me of a post I saw the other day where a guy was saying “you never realize how many people you hate until you try to pick a name for your baby” and it’s so true. You and your mate will be sitting there going “No, it can’t be Jessica, that bitch stole my necklace in 3rd grade.”

#that’s why so many parents are naming their kids bullshit things like brayden #you don’t have beef with any braydens because there aren’t any braydens over the age of 5 in this world